The Woodwright’s Shop Season 10


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Episode Guide Season 10

  • Make this Rocking Horse — Roy welcomes his daughter Eleanor into the shop to help him build a rough-hewn rocking horse of traditional German design.
  • Beat Your Ash Basketry — Guest Jonathan Kline visits the shop to show how to create a traditional Black Ash basket, stripping the material from the log, using the annual rings to their best advantage.
  • Make a Revolving Bookcase — Build an early 19th-Century revolving bookcase that holds an amazing number of books.
  • Timber Building in Franconia — Roy visits the Franconian Open-air Museum in Bavaria to look at Franconian woodworking, timber framing and craftsmanship, dating back to the middle ages.
  • Secrets of German Woodcraft — Roy is again at the Franconian Open-air Museum to look at building and woodworking techniques form early German traditions.
  • Make A Garden Gate — RRoy builds an open-frame garden gate.
  • Hooks, Crooks and Walking Sticks — One of Roy’s passions is walking sticks, and in this episode he shows how to make a walking stick that comes with its own built-in flute.
  • Make A Music Mill From Bali – Build a charming wind-powered, bamboo music mill, recreating a design from the island of Bali.
  • Dovetailing in the Tool Chest — Roy revisits an earlier tool chest project to show the value and importance of dovetailing in the interior trays and compartments.
  • As The Wood Turns — Roy gives us an overview on turning and of three lathes: a spring-pole lathe, a folding spring-pole lathe and a foot-treadle flywheel lathe.
  • A Boat to Build with the Kids — Rachel Underhill joins her dad in the shop to make a canvass and wood kayak.
  • A Rake’s Progress — Roy does some repair work on one of his 10-year-old rakes, taking the opportunity to highlight the strength of wood when using the grain correctly.
  • Making Wooden Shoes — Guest Bob Siegel visits the shop to share his unique knowledge of making wooden shoes using only four traditional tools.

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