The Woodwright’s Shop

Roy Underhill VideosHere you’ll find articles featuring Roy Underhill from the PBS woodworking TV show “The Woodwright’s Shop,” which has been brought back to streaming video and DVD by Popular Woodworking Magazine. Get everything you can from this master traditional craftsman – because Roy can build just about anything (and in front of the camera!), so also can you. Undertake traditional woodworking projects featured in his hit TV show, as well as those covered in Roy Underhill’s books. With 30-plus years of shows, there’s just no way to exhaust the resource!

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A Day at The Woodwright’s School

This is my third time teaching at Roy Underhill’s school in Pittsboro, N.C. And I can definitely feel the rhythm of the school, the community and the man sinking into my bones with every passing day. I wake up in a small addition to the old mill that Roy and his wife, Jane, live...

And at Age 11, I Hosted my Own Woodworking Show

Roy Underhill looks over the rim of his beer at the City Tap – the bar behind his woodworking school – and asks me the following left-field-what-are-you-doing-inside-my-skull question. “You built your first bench at 11,” he asks, “what were you building there?” In addition to my crappy crafty projects and pseudo-furniture projects, that workbench...


Roy Underhill’s 3 Favorite Books

In the June 2011 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine we have a fun article that lists all of the woodworking books that the magazine’s staff consider to be “classics.” It’s a great list, but the best part of the article is that we went to many of our contributors and asked them which books...


Woodworking in America 2011: My Favorite Classes

I would be flat-out lying to you if I said we planned out Woodworking in America for you, our beloved readers. That’s crap. The truth is that we plan out Woodworking in America for us, the staff of the magazine. We sit around our conference table and wonder: Who would we like to meet?...


Roubo Bookstand: Another Way to Do It

Yes, I thought the saga of the Roubo Bookstand article from the February 2011 issue was over (“It’s awesome!” “It’s crap!” “I like mushy peas!”). But no. Here we are weeks later, and there is still more to write. Reader William Smith has built a version of the bookstand using a novel method. Instead...