The Woodwright’s Shop

Roy Underhill VideosHere you’ll find articles featuring Roy Underhill from the PBS woodworking TV show “The Woodwright’s Shop,” which has been brought back to streaming video and DVD by Popular Woodworking Magazine. Get everything you can from this master traditional craftsman – because Roy can build just about anything (and in front of the camera!), so also can you. Undertake traditional woodworking projects featured in his hit TV show, as well as those covered in Roy Underhill’s books. With 30-plus years of shows, there’s just no way to exhaust the resource!

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Get Lubed Up in 19th-century Style

Ever since Roy Underhill wrote about the joys of mutton tallow as a tool lubricant in Popular Woodworking Magazine in the August 2010 issue, readers have been asking where to purchase the stuff. Or, even more alarming, how to render it themselves. The good news is that Lee Valley Tools has started to carry...

This is Edgar’s friend, a stunt chicken.

Roy Underhill’s Woodshop of Old Curiosities

Roy Underhill’s The Woodwright’s School is filled to the rafters with vintage hand tools, bacon-powered machinery, solid workbenches, piles of wood and more (you can read about the school in Christopher’s Schwarz’s August 2009 “Great Woodshops” article). And just about everywhere you look, there are also curiosities. While I was at the school to...