The Woodwright’s Shop

Roy Underhill VideosHere you’ll find articles featuring Roy Underhill from the PBS woodworking TV show “The Woodwright’s Shop,” which has been brought back to streaming video and DVD by Popular Woodworking Magazine. Get everything you can from this master traditional craftsman – because Roy can build just about anything (and in front of the camera!), so also can you. Undertake traditional woodworking projects featured in his hit TV show, as well as those covered in Roy Underhill’s books. With 30-plus years of shows, there’s just no way to exhaust the resource!

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‘The Woodwright’s Shop’ Renewed for 2 More Seasons

Good news, fellow knuckle-draggers. Roy Underhill’s television show, “The Woodwright’s Shop,” has been renewed for two more seasons – State Farm Insurance has agreed to fund seasons 33 and 34 of the show. Personal note: I have my home insurance through State Farm for this reason alone. My wife thinks I’m nuts for this....

Woodwright's Shop Season 5

The Woodwright’s Shop Season 5

How To Buy Streaming video — Available at DVD — Order now on Learn more about all Roy Underhill episodes here. Episode Guide Season 5 Rustic Rockers — Roy starts off the “Making Things From Nature” season by giving us some history of rustic furniture and walks through the steps necessary to...

Roy Season 4 Cover

The Woodwright’s Shop, Revisited

Now that classic episodes of Roy Underhill’s “The Woodwright’s Shop” are available I’ve been looking at some of the earliest episodes. They are fascinating for a number of reasons and I enjoy them more now than when I first saw them years ago. Now I appreciate the genius of Roy as a amazing teacher...


The Woodwright’s Shop Season 4

How To Buy Streaming video — Available at DVD — Order now on Learn more about all Roy Underhill episodes here.   Episode Guide Season 4 The Dominy Shop — Roy takes us on a tour the Dominy Shop at Winterthur Museum. The shop holds the tools and shop items used by...

Roy Underhill

Roy Underhill Videos Now Available to Order

On behalf of Roy Underhill and the entire Popular Woodworking team, I am delighted to announce that we now have four seasons of Roy Underhill’s “The Woodwright’s Shop” DVDs available to order at (and we’ll soon have the streaming video site live): Season One; Season Two; Season Three; and Season 20 (which Roy...

Roy Underhill

Get Ready for Roy!

So…those of you who last week asked if we might have something up our collective sleeve? Well…I’ll admit it now. You were right. I’m delighted to announce that Popular Woodworking has negotiated an exclusive deal to bring back all the episodes from the first 28 seasons of “The Woodwright’s Shop.” We plan to bring...

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What’s Your Favorite Roy Episode?

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of watching some of Roy Underhill’s earliest episodes of “The Woodwright’s Shop” – a PBS show he’s been filming since 1979 at UNC-TV in Chapel Hill, N.C. The photo to the left is a screen capture of Roy from what I think is the first season – possibly...