Sloyd Tool List Spreadsheet

Tool Pricing Analysis, 1900-2013 (Complete Sloyd List)

ToolOriginal PriceOriginal Price in Today’s $Today’s Price
2′ Folding Wood Rule$0.15$4.05$24.00
6″ Metal Blade Try Square$0.25$6.75$13.65
Marking Gauge$0.25$6.75$30.00
Bevel Gauge$0.25$6.75$22.50
Pair Dividers, 5 inch$0.30$8.10$49.50
Screw Driver, 4 inch$0.15$4.05$13.95
13 oz. Claw Hammer$0.42$11.34$9.97
Block and Rabbet Plane$1.00$27.00$175.00
Bailey Jack Plane$1.13$30.51$93.00
Cross-cut Saw, 20 inch$1.37$36.99$96.00
Splitting Saw (Rip), 20 inch$1.37$36.99$96.00
Keyhole Saw$0.20$5.40$18.00
Firmer Chisel, 1/4 inch$0.25$6.75$28.95
Firmer Chisel, 3/4 inch$0.32$8.64$30.95
Firmer Gouge, 3/8 inch$0.29$7.83$40.95
Firmer Gouge, 3/4 inch$0.34$9.18$44.95
Bit Brace$0.50$13.50$69.50
Jennings Pattern Bits, 1/4,1/2,3/4in.$0.78$21.06$54.00
2 Gimlet Bits$0.20$5.40$16.00
Screwdriver Bit$0.15$4.05$11.50
Spoke Shave$0.15$4.05$34.99
Brad Awl$0.05$1.35$19.95
Nail Set$0.10$2.70$3.15
Half Round File$0.34$9.18$9.97
Oil Stone$0.50$13.50$18.99
Oil Can$0.10$2.70$7.11
Pair Combination Pliers$0.50$13.50$8.60
Can Glue$0.15$4.05$5.88
Assorted Brads$0.05$1.35$7.23
Assorted Screws$0.10$2.70$8.10
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