Woodworking Classes

Our editors, all of whom are avid woodworkers as well, attend and teach at woodworking schools and conferences all over the world. Their classes cover everything from woodworking basics to advanced hand tool and power tool techniques and seminars on using SketchUp tutorials. The posts below, from out editors blog, will give you a good idea of not only what it’s like to take a woodworking class, but also teach you a few of the techniques you’d learn from being there.

A router table can expand the capabilities of your shop.

Router Basics: Work Safely – Work Confidently

With wood routers, working safely almost always equates to working more confidently. When you are not sure how to use a power tool, especially something as intimidating as a router, it can lead to bad cuts, frustration in woodworking and possible injury. There are lots of great things that can be built, changed, tweaked...

An upper end panel made to 32mm System specs.

Six Tips for Building Kitchen Cabinets

Designing and building kitchen cabinets is a big project, and there are lots of things to consider. Before you can make a cut list, you’ve got to know how to incorporate hardware like drawer slides, hinges, Lazy Susans and pantry pullouts. You’ve got to think about material yield, installation, tools you’ll need and much...

Nick Lieurance
Online Editor

Hello from Your New Course Manager & Online Editor

If you’ve been following Popular Woodworking’s Facebook page over the past week, you’ve probably seen some of my posts and wondered who this Nick guy is. I joined the company in November of 2014, and an introduction is overdue. I’ve been a cabinetmaker since 2003, and in the last 12 years, I’ve worked with...


Staked Sawbenches, Day 2

Building staked furniture sometimes feels a lot more like an episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” than a typical day in the shop. At assembly-time, the legs have to be knocked home hard to firmly seat the the conical tenon in its mortise and make a bit of a mechanical interlock. I’ve been making...


Building Staked Sawbenches at Highland Woodworking

This weekend I am experimenting on guinea pigs. Scratch that. I’m experimenting on American pigs. Wow. That’s doesn’t sound good, either. OK, I’m teaching a new class on a new topic that has been bottled up inside me for four years now. You’ve probably never heard the term “staked furniture,” but that’s because the...

A miter shooting board with added shimmable faces.

Beyond the Vise: Miter Shooting Board

Many shop-made workholding devices for hand tools can be fairly crude, made quickly from scraps. Shooting boards aren’t like that. They’re precision instruments, and need to be made with care. Because they act as reference guides, any errors in their alignment will result in errors in your work. Miter shooting boards are particularly tricky...

The explody stage can be overwhelming, but push through it!

The “Explody” Stage of Shop Organization

When you decide to clean out a workshop cabinet, clear the underside of your workbench, or rearrange a tool cabinet, things can get quite a bit messier before they get better. It can be discouraging. When I first started teaching other woodworkers to use the principles of Sort, Set in Order, and the rest...


An Intro to New Features of SketchUp 2015 for Woodworkers

This video contains several excerpts from a 1-hour, detailed video about the new features of SketchUp Make 2015 being created by Joe Zeh. That video will be for sale at ShopWoodworking.com soon, and will also be available in Joe’s SketchUp online course. SketchUp Make 2015 Changes On November 3, 2014 Trimble Navigation LTD released...