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Learn on your terms with our online woodworking classes. Whether you’re woodworking for fun, extra money or for a living, Popular Woodworking University can help you get inspired and improve your skills. Our expert instructors will provide advice, specific applications, real-world experience and the motivation and drive to help you achieve your goals.

There are two types of courses: 1-hour webinars (typically on Wednesday evenings), and full courses that can run for weeks. See our full courses at

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Making Rabbets with Woodworking Hand Tools

If you are just getting started with woodworking hand tools, you will quickly learn that the ability to cut rabbets is essential for making drawers, casework and many other projects. Drawer bottoms usually sit in dados or rabbets, and drawer fronts can be attached to rabbets in the sides. Cabinetmakers cut rabbets into end panels to accept...

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Build a CNC Router

Have you seen all the new CNC machines available to hobbyists these days? Everybody who sells woodworking tools seems to carry at least one model. Maybe you’ve been thinking about buying one. If you’re computer savvy, you could have a lot of fun with a CNC router. On the other hand, you might be...

Eraser Shield and Erasers

Furniture Design Tools: The Versatile Eraser Shield

At around $1 an eraser shield is one of the best buys in your drafting toolkit. This little bit of punched stainless steel if often in my hand when I am drawing a set of plans and is invaluable for cleaning up corners and errant lines. Most folks can intuitively figure out how to...

SketchUp for Woodworkers

SketchUp for Woodworkers: Creating Compound Miter Joints

If you are like me – compound miter joints always make me a little nervous – your blood pressure rises a little when you have to draw or cut a compound miter joint. So I am always thankful for SketchUp, where I can build a prototype and make angle measurements to assist in setting...


New Boot Camp Courses Teach Woodworking Tools and Techniques

If you’ve taken a course on Popular Woodworking University, you know how much fun it is to learn new skills on this interactive platform. You can watch instructors demonstrate woodworking tools and techniques. You have the option to ask your instructor questions and communicate with fellow students in the course discussions. There’s a gallery...

woodshop safety

5S Principles and Woodshop Safety

Should safety have its own “S” in 5S? Should it really be “6S?” The question always comes up as woodworkers learn to apply the principles of 5S to their shops. A growing community of woodworkers has been adapting the principles of 5S and Lean manufacturing to their shops. They are learning how to easily...

Dust collection systems

Millionth-of-a-Micron Filters for Dust Collection Systems

Any devoted home barista will tell you that if you are considering a $2,000 espresso machine, instead spend a grand on the espresso machine and a grand on a good grinder and you will get better brews. Coffee beans ground too fine, too coarse, or inconsistent in size will never yield a good espresso...

Kinkauji temple

From Temple Roofs to Tansu: In Search of a Bamboo Nail

Kyoto’s Kinkakuji sits on the edge of an ornamental pond, its gold leaf catching the light and turning it to an aureate glow, the whole gleaming apparition reflected in the pond. And yet when I visited Kinkakuji, I was almost as taken with a roofing display as I was with the newly gold-leafed temple,...