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Learn on your terms with our online woodworking classes. Whether you’re woodworking for fun, extra money or for a living, Popular Woodworking University can help you get inspired and improve your skills. Our expert instructors will provide advice, specific applications, real-world experience and the motivation and drive to help you achieve your goals.

Course formats include a full span of time commitments, from 1-hour live web seminars to 3-week project builds. We record all our live classes so that you can get the content any time you need it!
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Beyond The Vise: Workholding For Hand Tools

Why go beyond the vise? While most workbenches include a vise, it’s not always effective for all hand tool work. Things get even more difficult if you don’t have a good vise, or are working away from your regular workbench. A variety of work holding methods have evolved over the centuries to help out....

Rohlf and Stickley floriform tables

Rohlfs & Stickley: A Case of Flowery Inspiration

Darrell Peart raised an interesting questions during my recent web seminar on “Unkown Arts & Crafts” for Popular Woodworking University. He noted the similarities between one of Rohlfs’ tables and the poppy table by Gustav Stickley and asked if one maker influenced the other. Both tables share a similar form — trunk-like slab legs...

Red dots indicate locations of influential furniture shops in the Arts & Crafts era.

Maps for Your Journey

The search for design inspiration is a journey down many different roads, some of them fruitful and some dead-end. One of our goals within Popular Woodworking University’s online classes is to give students good maps for their searches. That way, you don’t waste a lot of time hunting around for ideas – and you...

Hand drafting brush and eraser shield

Hand Drafting Skill-builder FAQ

Q: Is there ever a time in the hand drafting process when you use paper with lines on it, such as graph paper? A: If I am out in the field and do not have a portable drafting setup, then graph paper is desirable paper to have on hand. The most common graph paper...


Like Riding a Bike

Our next online course in Popular Woodworking University is a 1-hour, live web seminar with one of the hardest-working educators in our network. Bill Rainford is a North Bennet Street School graduate, traditional joiner, restoration carpenter and, as of this week, first-time father. He’ll be presenting to our audience on a topic he knows...

The 1 Plan Every Woodworker has Overlooked

Shop floor plans, furniture project plans, woodworking business plans and – most important during summer – vacation plans. Woodworkers are planners. The craft relies on our uncanny ability to envision something that doesn’t exist yet, then bring it into existence by sticking with the scheme and seeing it through to completion. So I ask...

Supercharge Your Brain and Shop with 5S

It has been my pleasure over the last several weeks to help Steve Johnson develop content for his new video series with Popular Woodworking University, “More Space and Time in Your Shop.” This 19-day online course is totally revolutionary – not because the concept is new (it’s actually quite old), but for the way...


Fan Carving 101

Somewhere in history, ancient artisans and designers busy daydreaming and doodling on their slate tablets conceived the beautiful – yet simple – fan design. It appears throughout the architecture and furniture records in various forms. The fan is one of my favorite designs to carve because the possibilities and variations are so numerous.  You...

Routing wood? The process and results will depend on bit and collet sizes.

5 FAQs on Routing Wood

Woodworkers ask me a lot of questions on routing wood, and many of the questions are similar, so here’s a short list of FAQs and answers to help you. Question #1 – I just purchased/inherited a router that only takes 1/4″ bits. Can I put 1/2″ bits in this router? Answer – If the...