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Learn on your terms with our online woodworking classes. Whether you’re woodworking for fun, extra money or for a living, Popular Woodworking University can help you get inspired and improve your skills. Our expert instructors will provide advice, specific applications, real-world experience and the motivation and drive to help you achieve your goals.

There are two types of courses: 1-hour webinars (typically on Wednesday evenings), and full courses that can run for weeks. See our full courses at

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woodshop safety

5S Principles and Woodshop Safety

Should safety have its own “S” in 5S? Should it really be “6S?” The question always comes up as woodworkers learn to apply the principles of 5S to their shops. A growing community of woodworkers has been adapting the principles of 5S and Lean manufacturing to their shops. They are learning how to easily...

Dust collection systems

Millionth-of-a-Micron Filters for Dust Collection Systems

Any devoted home barista will tell you that if you are considering a $2,000 espresso machine, instead spend a grand on the espresso machine and a grand on a good grinder and you will get better brews. Coffee beans ground too fine, too coarse, or inconsistent in size will never yield a good espresso...

Kinkauji temple

From Temple Roofs to Tansu: In Search of a Bamboo Nail

Kyoto’s Kinkakuji sits on the edge of an ornamental pond, its gold leaf catching the light and turning it to an aureate glow, the whole gleaming apparition reflected in the pond. And yet when I visited Kinkakuji, I was almost as taken with a roofing display as I was with the newly gold-leafed temple,...

Designing kitchen cabinets with filler

Using Fillers When Designing Kitchen Cabinets

If you’ve got the right tools, frameless kitchen cabinets are easy to build. They’re just boxes, and if you don’t want to use any fancy joinery, you can glue and screw them together. The tricky thing about cabinets is figuring out how to make them fit into the room and work with whatever appliances...

Designing kitchen cabinets in SketchUp

Designing Kitchen Cabinets with SketchUp

SketchUp is an excellent tool for designing kitchen cabinets. The free version has plenty of powerful features, and even professionals with access to $30,000 cabinet design software frequently use it. Before you start drawing, think about what you’re really trying to accomplish. If you intend to draw every end panel, top, bottom, shelf, back...

Set up your shop with traditional woodworking hand tools

Setting Up a Shop with Woodworking Hand Tools

For many of today’s woodworkers setting up a shop means buying a bunch of often expensive machines and power tools, figuring out how to plug everything in, making sure you have enough outlets and electricity, and all this before you even begin to think about dust control and noise issues. Even apart from the...

Use MDF or particleboard to build legs and other parts, then veneer them.

Furniture Design: Think About the Tools You Have

In our live webinar on February 18, artist and furniture designer Yoav Liberman will talk about getting design inspiration from raw materials. Here’s something that frequently inspires my furniture designs: I don’t have enough tools. Fortunately, you don’t have to have every tool in the catalog to design and build your own furniture. If you...

Make this router table in a couple of hours.

How to Build a Router Table, Quickly

If you’re learning to use a router, it won’t be long before you realize that to get the most out of this tool, you’re going to need a router table. There are some joints and operations you just can’t do without one. Our online router course with Colin Knecht will teach you all about routers and...

A router table can expand the capabilities of your shop.

Router Basics: Work Safely – Work Confidently

With wood routers, working safely almost always equates to working more confidently. When you are not sure how to use a power tool, especially something as intimidating as a router, it can lead to bad cuts, frustration in woodworking and possible injury. There are lots of great things that can be built, changed, tweaked...