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Learn on your terms with our online woodworking classes. Whether you’re woodworking for fun, extra money or for a living, Popular Woodworking University can help you get inspired and improve your skills. Our expert instructors will provide advice, specific applications, real-world experience and the motivation and drive to help you achieve your goals.

Course formats include a full span of time commitments, from 1-hour live web seminars to 3-week project builds. We record all our live classes so that you can get the content any time you need it!


Fan Carving 101

Somewhere in history, ancient artisans and designers busy daydreaming and doodling on their slate tablets conceived the beautiful – yet simple – fan design. It appears throughout the architecture and furniture records in various forms. The fan is one of my favorite designs to carve because the possibilities and variations are so numerous.  You...

Routing wood? The process and results will depend on bit and collet sizes.

5 FAQs on Routing Wood

Woodworkers ask me a lot of questions on routing wood, and many of the questions are similar, so here’s a short list of FAQs and answers to help you. Question #1 – I just purchased/inherited a router that only takes 1/4″ bits. Can I put 1/2″ bits in this router? Answer – If the...


Do You Know Wood?

When I started my job as director of marketing at a lumber company, I received an e-mail from Christopher Schwarz telling me that I would be in a unique position to help educate scores of woodworkers about wood, something they ironically know little about. I laughed it off at the time and felt he...

ASTM (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials) D 2665 spells out guidelines for Schedule 40 PVC pipe such as wall thickness, minimum and maximum wall thickness, inside and outside dimensions, and pressure capacity.

Dust Collection System FAQ

Is there any advantage/disadvantage to installing a dust collector outside the shop? It may sound as resolute as a long-range weather forecast, but yes, maybe and no. It is really a personal choice. Locating the dust collection machine outside the shop will lower sound levels and free up shop space. For some woodworkers (me...

This toy, called a plasma globe, effectively demonstrates electricity build-up in a DIY dust collector.

DIY Dust Collector – Avoiding Spark Potential

Woodworkers love their toys. Table saws, jointers and planers are serious big-boy (and big-girl) toys. Planes, chisels and saws are cherished, too, and though we all take our craft and hobby seriously, we just seem to love our toys. We collect woodworking toys and play with them as much as we can. Lately, though,...


New Online Course – Router Basics with Colin Knecht

Many newcomers to woodworking consider routers scary and confusing tools. No wonder – there is so much to know about wood routing. Not only is there a wide variety of routers and router tables, but also a large range of bits, jigs and accessories. Even for experienced woodworkers this can be daunting. The “scary”...


New Course Download – Dust Collection Ductwork

Ductwork Online Course Dust collection should be considered a holistic “system,” not just a machine. A good system starts with effective capture of dust at point of generation, includes efficient transport of the chips and dust, and depends on thorough separation and collection of dust and wood chips, leaving only clean air behind. In...

Shaker Lap Desk ink bottle drawer

Online Shaker Lap Desk Class FAQ

As promised in last week’s post about the online Shaker Lap Desk class, here are some answers to the most common (and a few less common) questions about the class. First off, what the class is: The online Shaker Lap Desk class is four pre-recorded episodes detailing the construction of a Shaker Lap Desk...


Build a Shaker Lap Desk with Chuck Bender in an Online Class

Three weeks from today, Popular Woodworking and I begin something new: an online class. Now I’m sure you’re thinking, “online classes aren’t unique” – and you’d be right. The difference with this class is the project and the skills you’ll learn by taking it. I’ve teamed up with Popular Woodworking to bring you one...