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Hands-on advice, woodworking tips and techniques from the editors and contributing editors of Popular Woodworking Magazine

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This blog includes free videos, tool reviews we didn’t have room for in the printed magazine and tidbits of the day-to-day life here at the magazine and in the world of woodworking.

Chris Schwarz
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Chris Schwarz Blog

Contributing editor Christopher Schwarz is a long-time amateur woodworker and professional journalist. He built his first workbench at age 8 and spent weekends helping his father build two houses on the family’s farm outside Hackett, Ark.— using mostly hand tools. Despite his early experience on the farm, Chris remains a hand-tool enthusiast.

Chris’s blog focuses mostly on hand tools and hand work. Chris also writes short tool reviews, book reviews and generally gets the inside scoop on new hand tool introductions before other blogs.

Chris Schwarz
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Arts & Mysteries with Adam Cherubini

Arts & Mysteries is one of our most-read columns in Popular Woodworking Magazine. Whether you sympathize with Adam Cherubini’s approach to working wood entirely with hand tools or think he’s simply a glutton for punishment, I think we all can agree on one thing: Adam’s column is never boring.


Build a Wierix Square, Step 1

A customer asked me to make a Wierix try square for him this week, and because it’s silly to make just one wooden square, I’m making a batch of five this week and am documenting the process here on the blog. If you don’t know what a Wierix square is, it’s an old style...

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Vote Now in the 2014 PWM Excellence Awards

The entries are in; it’s now time to cast your votes in the 2014 PWM Reader Excellence Awards. Your picks in each of the five categories will be featured in the November 2014 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, and the overall Readers’ Choice winner gets a $100 gift certificate to ShopWoodworking.com. Plus, we take...

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Woodworking in America Speakers

As September approaches, we are getting revved up about Woodworking in America (WIA) which is held this year in Winston-Salem, N. C. (here’s all the information). New speakers this year include such big names in woodworking as W. Patrick Edwards, Will Neptune, Phil Lowe, Drew Langsner, Dale Barnard, Jerome Bias, Matt Bickford, Wilbur Pan,...


JET Band Saw Sweepstakes Winner

Congratulations to Jim Pirkle, of Winston-Salem, N.C. He’s the lucky winner of the JET 14″ steel-frame band saw (model #714500) in our recent sweepstakes. Jim has been woodworking for about 30 years and recently finished building a workbench using a design from Popular Woodworking Magazine. His next project is a Shaker-style bookcase for his...


An 18th Century Rarity in Use

John Sindelar, owner of the famous Sindelar Tool Museum, posted a link today from the European Woodworking Show that showed a cornice, or crown moulding, plane in action. I thought it was worth posting here because you see the planes everywhere but seldom see them in use. Thanks to John for bringing it to my...


Roy Underhill’s Antique Shave Horse

As you would expect, Roy Underhill’s shop at the 19th-century mill he and his wife, Jane, call home, is chock-full of interesting vintage tools for all aspects of the woodworking trade. This morning, he moved a 19th-century shave horse out to the shop’s back porch so I could get a good look at it...


The Dutch Campaign Tool Chest

This week, I built a lower cabinet for my small Dutch tool chest, a project featured in the October 2013 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. The unit I just built sits below the tool chest proper and does a few nice things. 1. It gives me extra space for tooling and hardware that I...

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Furniture Details: Decorative Mouldings With Bite

When most people think about adding something to enhance crown mouldings on pieces of furniture, they turn instantly to dentil moulding. It’s easy to make because of the repetitive cuts, and you can jig it up on a table saw in mere minutes (it uses the same jig as a box joint – learn how to make...

Photo courtesy of Winterthur

Design in Practice: Stylin’ Finis?

In the last installment I got to Chippendale furniture but I didn’t cover all the changes that took place. The cabriole leg was actually on its way out in terms of fashion (in England, at least). Chippendale included many designs for pieces with straight, or Marlboro, legs in his “Gentleman’s and Cabinetmaker’s Director”. Some...