You Never Write, You Never Call…

The June issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine should now be in subscriber hands, and it was on newsstands as of Monday. So…we’d love to hear what you think (good and bad), answer any questions you may have, etc. about the articles therein.

I’m always looking for questions and comments to use in our Letters column – especially stuff that will appeal to a wide range of readers – and I count on all of you for those. Also, letters needn’t be only about the current issue – or about any issue of the magazine at all. Have a woodworking question you want answered? Don’t be shy – send it our way (preferably via e-mail).

And even if we don’t use it in the Letters column, we’ll still respond (ditto for our contributing editors).

I look forward to hearing from you.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

p.s. If there are any digital subscribers who didn’t receive the link to download the June issue, please let me know right away, and I’ll take care of it right away. While I think we finally got the delivery challenges addressed…I could be wrong.

38 thoughts on “You Never Write, You Never Call…

  1. wormwood

    I was surprised and dismayed to see that Popular Woodworking would accept an add helping lawyers pillage and plunder the woodworking industry. Reference the add “Table Saw Injury?” on page 49 of the November issue.
    When is Roy Underhill going to be sued because he suggests using antique hand tools when a computer controlled machine can do it without the operator getting close to the tool.
    As Roy would say “It is a poor craftsman that blames his tools”.

  2. ahorowitz

    Ref: the article about Ralph Wilkes and the scrolled coffee table.

    I have the pull-out if you need a copy. It would be better if you also gave the mathematics of how to lay out the arc given the length of the chord and the depth of the arc. This is a common question that comes up in design because those two values are easy to find and are usually given as construction information.

    1. Megan FitzpatrickMegan Fitzpatrick Post author

      Thanks – If anyone asks for it, I’ll be in touch! (Do you have all the issues going back to those days?!)

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