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SketchUp is a free 3D-modeling program, and Robert W. Lang, executive editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine, is an expert at using the program and at teaching it. This woodworking blog will help you learn how to use SketchUp to create models of your woodworking plans. It’s a great way to “build” a project and work out the design, details and joinery before you take tools to wood – that way, you can head to the workshop with a solid plan and the information you need to build any project with confidence.

Below are our most-recent articles about SketchUp. Here are some quick links to our key SketchUp Pages.

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SketchUp Class in Atlanta, July 15-17

I will be at the Atlanta Woodcraft store teaching a three-day weekend class on using SketchUp, Friday July 15 through Sunday July 18. There are a couple of seats available if you want to join me in learning how to use the software that we use here at Popular Woodworking Magazine for planning our...

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Popular Woodworking SketchUp Pages-New and Improved

Since the recent upgrade to our website, we’ve been working away at improving the section of our site devoted to using Google SketchUp. It has been a big job, and the reason for that is the depth and breadth of what we have online-more than 200 SketchUp models that are available for free, and...


Add Dimensions to a SketchUp Model

We use SketchUp models as the basis for planning the projects you see in the pages of Popular Woodworking Magazine, and they are the source for our printed illustrations. We add scenes and layers to basic models to get snapshots of different points of view. We copy pieces and parts to add dimensions, and...


June 2011 Free SketchUp Models Now Available

As we do with every new issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, we’ve added free SketchUp models of projects to our collection. This group of models is a great example of how you can use SketchUp as a tool for building. If you download SketchUp and install it on your computer, you can gather tons...

Dont draw if you can copy, download to get the patterns.

Ogee Bracket Feet in SketchUp

This post in response to a question from reader Doug Smith about making bracket feet, as seen in the model of the American Cabinet in our 3D Warehouse Collection. SketchUp is extremely fast when you’re making rectangular shapes, but curves can slow you down. Objects that curve in two directions are even more complex,...


Resources for Learning SketchUp

SketchUp Quick Links SketchUp Tutorials and Articles What is Google SketchUp? SketchUp Q&A SketchUp Models SketchUp is often referred to as intuitive and easy to use. Those things are true in a way, but as it is with any software application, there is a learning curve. If you’re on the uphill side of that...


SketchUp Questions and Answers

SketchUp Quick Links SketchUp Tutorials and Articles What is Google SketchUp? Resources for Learning SketchUp SketchUp Models This post is where you can ask questions about using Google SketchUp, or about one of our products for learning SketchUp. Ask your question by leaving a comment below. You can also comment and add your method...