SketchUp Shop Class Coming Soon

Along with updating the look of the magazine, we’ve been busy working on some new ways to share knowledge. We’re big fans of the free modeling program SketchUp and in the next week or so you’ll have the chance to join me in a two-part online class. And a few weeks after the classes are available online, you’ll be able to purchase them on DVD. Later this year, we’ll have more “Shop Classes” available on a number of topics, by some of the best teachers around.

Each part of my SketchUp class is two hours long, and you’ll follow along onscreen as I explain how to setup and use the program specifically for woodworking tasks. Part one covers the basics, and part two delves into more advanced topics. If you’ve tried SketchUp and given up in frustration, or are struggling trying to learn on your own, I will show you how to model efficiently and accurately. You’ll be making dovetailed drawers and cabriole legs before you know it.

We’ve recorded and edited these classes in short three to five minute long segments. You can watch a segment on your computer, then switch over to SketchUp and try the techniques at your own pace. When you’re ready to move forward, the next segment will be waiting for you. I used these techniques to teach Megan, Glen and Chris how to use SketchUp, and they’ve all become accomplished 3D modelers. Believe me, if it can work for them, it can work for anyone.

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We have a short sample of the video available to give you an idea of what the class will be like. The video is in HD format, so you will need to download the QuickTime player for the best results. Like SketchUp, QuickTime is free, and you can download QuickTime here.

Click Here to watch a sample of the SketchUp Shop Class Video

Click Here to download the free QuickTime player.

,Bob Lang

5 thoughts on “SketchUp Shop Class Coming Soon

  1. Robert Slack

    This is fantastic. I just started using this software and got some basic stuff drawn up but not as well as I would liked. Thank you and I am very interested. I tried clicking on the sample video and was not able to see it.

  2. Drew DePenning

    Hi Robert,

    I realized we had two different links in the post. They should all go to the same spot. Try it again and it should work. Another suggestion I have is to right-click and "Save as" the link.

    The file is only 14 megabytes so it should download fairly quickly.

  3. Shannon

    This is great Bob. I still reference the notes I took in your class at the WIA design conference last year in Il. Looking forward to it.

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