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Discover the wide world of Google SketchUp for woodworkers: download the program for free, watch easy to understand SketchUp tutorials, and stay up to date with the latest in SketchUp news that might effect the way you design and build furniture. You’ll also find a wide array of access a wide array of SketchUp models of furniture and woodworking projects. No matter what furniture styles you prefer, you’ll find it here. Before you know it, SketchUp with become your design tool of choice.


Live SketchUp Classes & Learning Resources

SketchUp, the free 3D modeling software is one of my favorite woodworking tools. It doesn’t cut joints or finish projects, but it helps me make sure the joints I cut are in the right places, and the experience building a project on the computer screen first makes valuable shop time more efficient and error...

Popular Woodworking Magazine 3D Warehouse SketchUp Models Collection

More Free SketchUp Models Added to Our Collection

It has been a while since we’ve mentioned it here on the editor’s blog,  but with the publication of each new issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, we make SketchUp models of the projects featured in the articles available online, for free. On August 27, 2008, I uploaded the first model which was the 21st...


SketchUp Classes at Woodworking in America

The Woodworking in America conference is an opportunity to indulge in sensory overload, and for the third year in a row, I’ll be doing my part to keep your head spinning by teaching two different sessions on using our favorite design and planning tool, Google SketchUp. On Friday morning at 9:30 and Sunday morning...

SketchUp models of the furniture in the book will be available on the companion CD

SketchUp and Southern Furniture Book

As we get closer to sending our forthcoming book about furniture from the MESDA collection to the printer, I thought it might be interesting to take you inside the sausage factory. The book consists mostly of measured drawings of 27 “less than formal” pieces of furniture made in the southern United States between 1650...


SketchUp Class in Atlanta, July 15-17

I will be at the Atlanta Woodcraft store teaching a three-day weekend class on using SketchUp, Friday July 15 through Sunday July 18. There are a couple of seats available if you want to join me in learning how to use the software that we use here at Popular Woodworking Magazine for planning our...

Chart of SketchUp categories available on

Popular Woodworking SketchUp Pages-New and Improved

Since the recent upgrade to our website, we’ve been working away at improving the section of our site devoted to using Google SketchUp. It has been a big job, and the reason for that is the depth and breadth of what we have online-more than 200 SketchUp models that are available for free, and...