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Down with the upcut. Spiral upcut bits are useful in lots of instances, but are more expensive and not as versatile as straight bits. For this reason I recommend adding them to your core set if, and when, you need them.

Straight or Spiral

In the November issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine I wrote an article outlining the router bits I consider to be the core of any powered shop. The workhorse bits of that core set are the straight bits. Straight router bits come in three varieties: Spiral-upcut, spiral-downcut and straight-cut bits. The choice of which to...


How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck – Exactly?

Numbers are a big part of my job here, as is looking at data in new and different ways. In light of that, I thought I’d share some interesting information I found as I was getting ready to start at Popular Woodworking. Back in the ’90s, a couple of scientists decided to answer the burning question of...


Holiday Projects & that Sinking Feeling

It’s been warm outside and there are still some tomatoes in my garden, so it’s been easy to stay in denial. But when I saw holiday stuff on display in a local mall I knew I was in trouble – those projects I meant to make as gifts might have to be given as Valentine’s...


Another 21st Century Workbench

Every day I receive dozens of e-mails. Everyone suffers from this affliction, but when you’re on the staff of a magazine you’re an attractive target for photographers, illustrators, PR people and marketing gurus. I wade through them all, and every now and then I’m pleasantly surprised to get a message from a reader with...


Furniture Spotting

Beginning with my first job in journalism, I self-imposed a rule to not discuss my political thoughts in public – so the below is in no way constitutes personal commentary on President Obama and his administration. But no matter what one’s thoughts on any past, current or future office holders, there’s no arguing that...


Hello – I’m Mike Wallace (No, not that one)

I’m excited to be the newest addition to the Popular Woodworking staff. I’ve spent my career as a reporter, editor or copy desk chief for a number of newspapers, but most importantly, I’m an avid hobby woodworker. I’m the least accomplished woodworker on staff by far, but I have a passion for the subject...

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 8.37.23 PM

Lots of Woodworking Resources for Little Money

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: I don’t read all the e-mails we send out. (I know, I know – there are too many; I’m pleased to let you know that we’re reducing the number.) So I’m guessing you don’t always read them all, either. But sometimes, you do miss something...


The Manufactory, Our Local Makerspace

A couple of weeks ago, we took an afternoon field trip to “The Manufactory” a makerspace here in the Cincinnati area. Back in June we visited two makerspaces in Columbus (read about that visit here) in preparation for an article in an upcoming issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. If you’re not familiar with the...

Gould Ledgers, Nathan Dane Papers

The Peabody Essex “In Plain Sight”

Nathaniel Gould has long been associated with some of the finest period furniture to come out of Salem, Massachusetts, but we didn’t know how much until recently. In 2007 three of Gould’s account books were discovered locked away in the Massachusetts Historical Society and they showed he was far more prolific than originally thought...