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‘Woodwork by the Book’

Below is my “Out on a Limb” (the editor’s note) from the April 2016 issue, because I’ve had a couple folks ask me on social media recently what books I recommend. If I could apply in the shop the superabundance of knowledge I’ve gleaned through books, I’d be an excellent craftsperson. My job involves...

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Making a Workbench – Part 2

As I worked through my recent workbench project, I got a comment on one of the build videos about how the build might not be suitable for the inexperienced woodworker. I reflected on that for a moment and I actually think they had a point. I’d wanted my workbench project to seem accessible, from...


Ask Us Anything May 23

On Monday, May 23 at 1PM EST, we (Megan Fitzpatrick and I) will be doing an AMA (ask me(us) anything) on the subreddit r/woodworking on Reddit to talk about Woodworking in America 2016. Meet us there and ask us any questions that you may have about woodworking, running a magazine or anything else that comes to...


Greene & Greene: It’s All in the Details!

I have been designing and building in the Greene & Greene style since 1991. I have made a serious study of their work. One of the things I find truly astonishing is the level and subtlety of detail. I am amazed, after all these years, upon visiting the Gamble House, to still discover some...

Singer, songwriter and luthier Guy Clark in his Nashville workshop, where he crafts guitars and award-winning songs.

Musician & Luthier Guy Clark, 1941-2016

Grammy-winning musician and luthier Guy Clark died this morning in his Nashville home – a home I had the very great privilege of visiting for “Songs from the Workbench.” While Clark is best-known for his music – such hits as “L.A. Freeway,” “Dublin Blues” and “Desperados Waiting for a Train” – he enjoyed building...


New Guy Just Might Be a Woodworker

My third day on the job, a co-worker asked me, “So, are you a woodworker?” Am I? My inclination is to answer in the negative. The term just feels so hallowed, a label earned through decades spent in the shop, gaining technical expertise and crafting heirloom-quality pieces. That’s not me (yet), so I’m hesitant...

Sharpening hand tools is fast and easy with Steve Maxwell's setup.

Sharpening Hand Tools: A Woodworker’s Journey

Sometimes the journey of becoming a skilled woodworker takes you down paths that didn’t seem important at first. Sharpening hand tools was one of those paths for me. Actually, there were two paths involved. It all started when I got serious about woodworking in the early 1980s. There was a good woodworking program at...

Option (A) above, option (B) below.

Build a Tool Tote With Your Kids: Part 2

Before I developed the tool tote project, I did some online research and discovered that there are two major trends in the design of simple wooden totes: (A) Those whose tall end-walls flank the side walls and (B) those whose side-walls flank the end-walls. This raised the question: Which of the two designs would better...