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The Popular Woodworking Editor’s Blog is the best place to learn the latest happenings in the woodworking industry and the woodworking online community. It’s also a reliable source of woodworking articles, videos and advice from seasoned woodworkers. Our magazine editors, including Megan Fitzpatrick, Robert W. Lang, Charles Bender and Glen D. Huey, are all avid woodworkers who blog on a frequent basis on topics including Google SketchUp, power tools, hand tools, Techniques, workshops and much more.

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A Show(case) With Style

Since joining the Popular Woodworking Magazine staff, I’ve missed out on a few of my regular extracurricular activities from the last few years. I haven’t seen my fellow presenters at a bunch of the Woodworking Shows (or the attendees either) and I’ve missed out on all that travel, carrying heavy furniture into convention centers and...


Hand Tool vs. Power Tool

The hand tool versus power tool discussion is something that comes up frequently at work (at least where I work these days). Prior to 2007, however, I didn’t even know it existed. In August of that year I decided to open a woodworking school and began writing for Popular Woodworking Magazine. Prior to that...


Dovetails in SketchUp – Easier Than You Think

When I teach woodworkers about SketchUp we always reach a point where I say, “the level of detail to include in your model is up to you”. Then I explain the level that I usually work to and conclude with “but if you know what you’re doing it doesn’t take that long.” Dovetails are...


2014 WIA Speakers: The Complete List

The full 2014 WoodworkingInAmerica.com site should be live any day now, and on it, you’ll find the schedule, sessions descriptions, speaker bios and much more – and we’ll be adding to the list of Marketplace vendors as they come in. (Visit the site now to sign up for the newsletter to stay in the...

Teaching at CVSW

Chuck’s Upcoming Classes

Since I started at Popular Woodworking Magazine (PWM), I’ve gotten e-mails on a weekly basis asking about the status of my school and/or if I will be teaching anywhere in the near future. Well, to answer those questions in reverse order, I am scheduled to teach two classes (so far this year) at Ron Herman’s place in Columbus, Ohio,...

WIA high res blue

Whew – the WIA Schedule is Done

Today, we finalized the schedule for Woodworking in America 2014 (Sept. 12-14 in Winston-Salem, N.C.), and I’m cleaning up the last details – new bios for the speakers, double-checking all spellings and that sort of thing. By Tuesday, I’ll have it off to the conference staff, so they can start building the web site...