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In the Arms of the Angles (Rake, That Is)

Even if you care nothing for backsaws, I urge you to watch the video below to the sad, bitter end. And as you do, imagine Sarah McLachlan’s plaintive voice saying, “Won’t you help?” (To see the actual promo video for “Super-tune Your Backsaw with Matt Cianci,” visit ShopWoodworking.com.) — Megan Fitzpatrick


I Need a Bit of Retail Therapy

As many of you may know, I’m the midst of redoing my kitchen; its age and decrepitude (“drecrapitude?”) was a common “complaint” about the house during my months last summer of trying to sell it. (I suspect that, once I get the kitchen done, the lack of a driveway will take primacy, but there’s...


Devilish Diablo Deftly Dissects

We recently received some new Freud Diablo blades at the magazine to test (two of which will be featured in an upcoming Tool Test in the magazine). The blade is what Diablo calls its Ultimate Flawless Finish blade. It’s a 12″ diameter blade that is designed to work on fixed and sliding miter saws...

I select the stile I want to copy and distribute.

Create a Linear Array in SketchUp

I’m currently working on a variation on L & J. G. Stickley’s No. 220 prairie settle. The settle’s three sides consist of frame and panels. Because I’m building a shorter version, I need to shorten the rails and resize the panels. Before SketchUp, I would have subtracted the combined width of the stiles from...

PA Small Chest

Pyle On

While doing some research this morning I stumbled upon some detailed photos of the Hannah Darlington chest (the original was built by Moses Pyle), which Glen D. Huey copied for the cover project of Popular Woodworking Magazine’s June 2013 (#204) issue (buy a copy here). I found the photos on Winterthur’s web site. The museum...


The Most Important Lessons in Woodworking

Learning woodworking isn’t just about “how to” do something. A good example of this comes from my days as an apprentice in a commercial cabinet shop. I entered the experience with a misguided, romantic notion of working beside an experienced craftsman and being tutored in the fine points of cabinetmaking. I figured I would...


It’s No No. 80, But…

Tomorrow, we’re shooting a cover for a new (and updated) edition of Michael Dunbar’s venerable book, “Restoring, Tuning & Using Classic Woodworking Tools” (due out from Popular Woodworking Books later this year). So I was asked to go through the boxes of tools I inherited from my grandfather to find some suitable candidates for...