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Make Your Own Hardwood Kitchen Utensils

Show off your woodworking skills at your next dinner party with these beautiful hardwood kitchen utensils (instructions excerpted from “The Woodworker’s Kitchen: 24 Projects You Can Make” by A.J. Hamler). Hardwood kitchen utensils, often called treenware, are a staple of high-end craft markets and upscale kitchen shops. Guess what? As elegant as these are,...

nick offerman

Nick Offerman on Woodworking, His New Book & More

A couple weeks ago – just two days after Popular Woodworking in America, in fact – I had a Skype audio chat with woodworker, author and actor Nick Offerman. His latest book, “Good Clean Fun,” will be released on October 18 (I’ve a review ready to post here when the book is available, and we’ll have...

shooting board

Shooting Boards: Must-have Appliances

Last night while drinking some wine with Christopher Schwarz (I’d stopped by to return a chair we’d borrowed for a photo shoot), we got in a semantics discussion (do we know how to have fun or what?!)*. Is a shooting board a “jig?” Not really; it’s an appliance – yet most magazines (us included...


What I Do with a CNC in My Shop

Here’s a glued up leg and apron assembly for a sofa table being milled with a CNC router. Here’s the big picture: A CNC is a digitally controlled router that cuts from its highest to its lowest point in three dimensions over the entire area of its bed. What would any woodworker do with...


Dutch Tool Chest: Tongue-and-Groove Back

  After Popular Woodworking in America, my desire to get back in the shop was insatiable. As soon as I returned to the office and caught up on work, I found my way to the shop to finish my Dutch tool chest. The first step was to create the tongue-and-groove joints for the back....


Popular Woodworking Magazine: November 2016

The November issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine just mailed to subscribers, and it’s live now in our online store. There’s a lot of great content in this issue (the campaign Danish modern dresser is a lovely piece, and one I hope to make someday), but the article I keep thinking back to involves a...

live edge coffee table

Live Edge Class Part 5: Chad’s Coffee Table (A)

Walnut is probably my favorite wood. It is rich in color and texture, easy to work with, grows domestically and has the right density and strength to serve well in almost every woodworking deployment. So, when Chad showed me the walnut slabs that he brought over to our class I immediately developed expectations for...

custom CNC

Going Digital, Part 2 – Custom CNC for Furniture Making

Part Two. Decisions to Make I’ve been using CNC services since the late ’90s to create patterns, jigs and fixture components and a few furniture parts. After years of use, the potential of a CNC as a useful tool in woodworking was obvious. But, if I was going to make the most of it,...