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Roubo Lathe

I Need a Lathe

I found myself reviewing future projects that I want to do and on so many I’ve found some woodturning is. That’s an issue for me, I don’t own a lathe and I’ve never turned a thing. The most sensible thing to do would be make the project anyway and ask a local tuner to...


Elipse P100 Respirator: First Impressions

I’ve been in the shop for about two hours this morning and the first task I faced was clearing out a jammed dust-collection pipe above the jointer. A dirty, dusty job, but it had to be done. So it was a good test of the Elipse P100 Respirator I recently bought from Highland Woodworking...


Kansas City, Here We Come

As many of you correctly guessed, Woodworking in America 2015 will be in downtown Kansas City, Mo., Sept 25-27. The main venue is the Crown Center. Stay tuned for more! –Megan Fitzpatrick  


‘In the Shop with Roy’ (And a Close Look at Some Cool Stuff)

We’ve just put together a 10-hour collection of 17 of Roy Underhill’s shop projects from “The Woodwright’s Shop.” (“In the Shop with Roy: Workbenches, Tools, Storage & More” is available now to order on DVD; the download option will be up shortly). With this collection, you’ll get the following episodes: #402 A Spring Pole...


When the Box is the Gift

If you think about it, most woodworking is just building boxes. Chests, cabinets, drawers – all boxes. It’s one of the first things we build when we start woodworking, and a task in which we build our skills. One of my very first things I made when I started woodworking was a simple box,...


Lessons From Roubo

Saturday mornings are among the best hours I get all week. My wife and daughters all like to sleep in late, but I get up early, make coffee, and use that quiet time to read, draw or write. It was a Saturday morning when I turned to Plate 280 of the new translation of...

Making Linseed Oil Paint Cover

Making Linseed Oil Paint

When I made my tool chest I opted for an-off-the-shelf powdered milk paint that you mix yourself. I was pleased with the finish once it was sealed with a couple coats of linseed oil. However one thing nagged at me. Due to the nature of powdered milk paint, it was not good fun trying...

I’ll often reach for my 1-1/4” or 1-1/2” bench chisel to tackle a piece of banding that is all of 3/16” wide and 1/16” thick.

Use Big Chisels for Fine Work

Though it might seem counterintuitive, sometimes bigger is better when you are doing fine work with veneer and inlays. A wide chisel provides plenty of reference surface to keep delicate cuts straight and square and plenty of heft to slice effortlessly. If you excavate for banding using a router, you will wind up with...


Screws – A Quick Guide

I was hoping to get into the shop today to finish the assembly on my current project, a kitchen island, and post about that. But in between meetings, I’ve been (metaphorically) chained to my desk all day. So…no shop time. I’ll be using screws to secure the piece together. But because I have no...