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Shenanigans at The Woodwright's School.

The 2014 Would-be Sybarite’s Gift Guide: Day 5

Ask for a week at a woodworking school – any respected woodworking school – and take a class that includes at least a handful of other students. There is simply no better way to quickly improve your woodworking than to learn a few techniques and approaches from someone who knows what she or he...


The 2014 Would-be Sybarite’s Gift Guide: Day 4

Today’s pick is one I actually have. Books are my first love, and from a very young age. (In fact, years ago I camethisclose to pursuing a graduate degree in the history of books and book making.) Woodworking came later in life, but is now equally important to me. So something that combines both...


Alf Sharp – Cartouche Winner & ‘Words with Friends’ Dynamo

Alf Sharp has an almost unparalleled woodworking resume. Like many of us, his first woodworking involved home repairs and remodeling, and he soon began doing more trim work and carpentry (with the occasional furniture commission). And, like many of us, he’s in large part self taught; he learned by doing, reading and asking questions....


The 2014 Would-be Sybarite’s Gift Guide: Day 3

    One tool I use on every build and every project in my house is a combination square. So it’s important to me to have good ones. That is, squares that are reliably square, and that lock tight and don’t slip. I have several inexpensive ones that are good enough for framing, but...

Lidl Chisels

How Low Can You Go?

  With the Christmas season soon upon us there are currently two lists running on the Popular Woodworking web site to tantalize your woodworking taste buds. The “sensible” Schwarz list and the “I can dream” Fitzpatrick list. My one and only contribution to the festivities will be this £8 ($12.50) set of four chisels...

Philly Planes

The 2014 Would-be Sybarite’s Gift Guide: Day 2

I have several matched hollows & rounds…but I don’t have a full set. Or a half set. Poor me. (That said, I do have the two sets I knew I would use, plus a couple unusable ones inherited from my grandfather.) Anyway…I don’t think a half-set is unreasonable for anyone who pursues hand-tool woodworking....

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 2.04.30 PM

The 2014 Would-be Sybarite’s Gift Guide: Day 1

Over on his blog, Christopher Schwarz has been writing the 2014 Anarchist’s Gift Guide since Dec, 1. I’m starting a little late with my 2014 Sybarite’s Gift Guide…because too much self-indulgence leads to blackouts (apparently), and causes one to not realize it’s already a new month. Like Chris’s, the woodworking-related gift ideas I’ll be...


2014 Popular Woodworking Compilation CD

Just in time for a holiday gift (possibly for yourself), we have available all seven issues of Popular Woodworking Magazine from 2014 on one CD. (I’m told a download version of the whole shebang will be added at the same link shortly.) You can read the back-cover copy on the store site – that...


Wood, Writing & Winning

I’ll cut right to the chase: I’m giving away a free copy of the four-volume set of “The Practical Woodworker” (a must-have foundation set of books for the woodworker interested in early 20th-century woodworking techniques, edited by Bernard Jones. And I mean free – no shipping costs, no free trials, no nothing – just...