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Borg Wood Workbench

BORG Wood For Workbenches

With my sawhorses ready and waiting, the plan clear in my mind and hardware in place, it’s time to start progressing the workbench project. On balance, I think I’d say the U.S. has easier access to timber suitable for workbenches than we do in the U.K. I say that after enviously looking on at...


The New Kid in the Popular Woodworking Shop

Every morning for the past year, I would clock in at the cabinet shop where I was working and take a moment to contemplate the worn-out scribbling on the band saw. The band saw was older than I am, and had no discernible company logo. On the front, someone had written the phrase “At...

Sawhorse Design

Building Sawhorses, Part 2

Picking up after my last post on sawhorses (or sawbenches, as you might call them), the housings were all formed and ready to go. Then it’s down to cutting the legs to length: 26 1/2″ will yield a finished height or around 24″ (if you want to work it out accurately with a bit...

This Bench bull is equipped with two 1/2" pipe clamps

‘Bench Bull’ – The Jack of All Bench Jigs, Part 3

After showing you in my last post a few ways for clamping workpieces to the Bench Bull (F-style clamps, Veritas Fast-Action Hold-Downs and 3/4” pony #56 pipe clamps), I want to introduce one last way: a regular 1/2″ or 3/4″ pipe clamp that will make your Bull even more handy – practically transforming it...

Building Sawhorses

Building Sawhorses, Part 1

  If you’re considering making a sawhorse, sawing stool, saw bench or however you like to describe it, this pattern is worthy of consideration. Thanks to its very stable platform, economical use of timber, easy stacking and the chance to get your head around compound joinery, these appliances will be an asset in the...


‘Bench Bull’ – The Jack of All Bench Jigs, Part 2

For Part 1, click here. I crosscut our first batch of Bench Bulls from a 7-1/4″ x 2-1/2″ rough pine beam that we found on the street in front of our school. The beams were discarded by our school’s neighboring townhouse at the end of their home renovation. This is the kind of basic...


Special Roy Underhill Collections (in Limited Quantities)

No, the photo at left is not from “The Woodwright’s Shop”…but it’s one of my favorite photos of me with Roy Underhill (he won). Why am I sharing it? Well, right now, you can order a passel of Roy’s DVDs for a special price with four new collections: “The Woodwright’s Shop Seasons 1-10,” “The...


Making Sawhorses

When I made my current workbench, I built it from a pair of robust, traditional-pattern sawhorses (a form you might know as sawbenches). On the bench build I’m about to start, I’ll be using the same setup. The sawhorses I made many years ago are out on jobsites at the moment, so it seemed...


Fast & Fun Gift Projects

It’s that time of year when some of you might be scrambling to get a gift or two built on or before December 24. Might I recommend you take a look at the many simple (but good-looking) free projects from our “I Can Do That” files? As far as I can tell, the most...