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Nick Lieurance
Online Editor

Hello from Your New Course Manager & Online Editor

If you’ve been following Popular Woodworking’s Facebook page over the past week, you’ve probably seen some of my posts and wondered who this Nick guy is. I joined the company in November of 2014, and an introduction is overdue. I’ve been a cabinetmaker since 2003, and in the last 12 years, I’ve worked with...


Build it Clean and Contemporary

I’ve just finishing creating the first woodworking “eMag” in my career – a collection of six articles from Popular Woodworking Magazine – “Contemporary Furniture.” It was a challenge to choose the “right” articles to show a range of subjects and techniques, but I think you’ll find an interesting selection. These builds have the clean lines and...


‘Arts & Crafts Furniture Projects’ 2nd Edition

We’ve just released an updated edition (as both a paperback and a PDF download) of our best-selling “Popular Woodworking’s Arts & Crafts Furniture Projects,” with 17 new step-by-step project builds (42 in all). And I have a copy to give away, free. To enter the drawing, simply leave a comment below by Friday, Jan....

Skelton Dovetail Saw Part 2 a

Skelton Dovetail Saw – Part 2

  It’s been pretty much a month now since I first laid hands on this saw, and it’s only because of an encounter with a saw very different to this one that I managed to get what I feel is the right perspective. I purchased a set of Gyokucho Japanese saws with some Christmas...

First Bench Plane

Before the Archetype

If there is a defining image that says woodworking, a silhouette that most would identify with, then it’s likely the Bailey-style outline of a plane would be top of the list. Gracing many a business card, letterhead or sign on a van, it’s all around.  A mark of the plane’s success is the very...

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 1.41.52 PM

A New Decade of Roy Underhill!

You’d think after 20 years of doing anything it would start to get a little stale. Tell that to Roy Underhill! We recently put together his 21st through 31st seasons in a kit and I’ve got to tell you, Roy’s still hitting on all cylinders. I don’t mean to come off sounding like a...


A Supremely Lazy Holiday

During the last two weeks, I’ve been perfecting my impression of the common garden slug. I’ve become quite good at it. Pretty much the only thing woodworking-related I’ve accomplished is to hang the doors on the pantry shelves I built just before Thanksgiving. I’m not done fitting them, mind you (if only I’d made...