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Fire, Ice & the Popular Woodworking April Issue

As I write this, it is a balmy -7°F outside, with traffic snarled by crashes and icy roads. Right now, it is warmer in Anchorage, Moscow, Oslo, Copenhagen, Reykyavik, Stalingrad, Stockholm, McMurdo Station in Antarctica, and the high today on Mars (as measured by the Curiosity rover) will be 12° warmer than the predicted high outside...

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.41.45 PM

Campaign Chair Finish Questions

I am building my first campaign chair with hard maple. Can you recommend a finish to make a darker look to the light color of the maple? Also, Christopher recommended ‘black wax’ in the video.  Will that work on my maple and where can you buy black wax? Ken FWIW, I like the look...


Get Woodworking & ‘I Can Do That’

OK – so I’m two days late on posting about Get Woodworking Week 2015, Feb 15-21. And that feels about right, because it always takes me a day or three longer than planned to get away from my computer and into the shop. (Case in point – we were closed for President’s Day yesterday,...

Cover Photo Making Planes

Making a Jack Plane

While I wait for the homemade stopping to set on my boarded chest project, I’ve allowed myself an attempt at making a plane. A pair of wooden planes caught my eye on eBay and I took a punt on them. They looked good to the eye but the photos were quite poor and to...


Wonky ‘Corner Table’ Build (& Thank You SketchUp)

Believe me – I’m at least 10 times as tired of my kitchen rehab as you probably are. But there’s one last big project to tackle before I can call it (almost) done. That’s a counter-height (and counter-topped) table for a wonky curved corner to the left of the stove. Because that’s where the...

Gothic Pattern

Architecture as Furniture Inspiration

When considering ideas and looking for inspiration, I don’t like to limit myself to just the furniture or joinery in isolation. Considering the environment around me helps me form ideas and leads off into interesting tangents of discovery. “Holistic” would be a nice term, but would likely make me sound pretentious. You see, I’m...

Use MDF or particleboard to build legs and other parts, then veneer them.

Furniture Design: Think About the Tools You Have

In our live webinar on February 18, artist and furniture designer Yoav Liberman will talk about getting design inspiration from raw materials. Here’s something that frequently inspires my furniture designs: I don’t have enough tools. Fortunately, you don’t have to have every tool in the catalog to design and build your own furniture. If you...

gunstock scraper 1

Grandpa’s Shop-made Gunstock Scraper

I was in Florida for a few days last week visiting my brother, niece, mom and stepfather. I stayed with my brother, Ian, who, like me (and other family members), inherited some woodworking tools from my grandfather. And as always when visiting with relatives, I pawed through the tools to see what interesting specimens...

Stay Set Cap Iron

Two-piece Cap Irons

The two-piece cap iron a unique design and for some it’s a royal PITA; for others it’s a useful addition to a well-tuned bench plane. These days you’ll find them on the Clifton (above) range of planes but before that they were an option provided by Record on the company’s bench planes from the...