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Before and After Images

Regular Paint vs. Pee-Back Paint

In my introductory blog post, I mentioned that there are a lot of fascinating advances being made in the coatings industry. This one may top the list. Most of us guys have done it, and maybe even some gals (but it’s different). We’ve come out of a bar or club late at night and...

Roy Underhill

‘The Woodwright’s Shop’ Mix-and-Match

When I was offered the job at Popular Woodworking Magazine, the first thing my friends asked me was, “Do you get to meet Roy Underhill from “‘The Woodwright’s Shop’?” There was no congratulations, no speech about how hard work and determination led to the greatest rewards. There was only Roy Underhill. I grew up...


Tool Storage for the Rest of Us

Tool storage – is it the most controversial subject in the craft? People have debated it. Great books have been dedicated to it. Philosophies have developed and wars fought over it (well, at least flame wars). I’m quite sure many woodworkers spend their entire woodworking careers pursuing it. Here, I’m going to put the subject...

Box Cleats

Box Clever, Use Box Cleats

  My workbench project is now underway, but I’m going to avoid showing any detail or videos on the build process until it’s finished. However, I will be posting some of the methods I adopt that translate more broadly into other applications. With that in mind I needed to laminate 2x4s together to make...


How to Make Backs for Frameless Cabinets

There’s more than one way to make backs for frameless cabinets. Here’s how to choose the method that’s right for your project. Think about how many materials you want to use for the cabinet boxes. This means all the parts except doors, drawers and drawer fronts. If you plan to use 1/4” or 1/2” material for...

Dane & me polishing_3

Bob Flexner, Now Blogging

About six years ago, Megan Fitzpatrick, the editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine, asked me to join the group of editors blogging on the magazine website. I don’t remember why I turned her down. Maybe I was just really busy. Anyway, the possibility came up again recently and I jumped at the chance. I have...


Sharpening Awkward Blades without a Diamond Stone

My Japanese corner chisel is not the most handy tool in my tool box. In fact, I hardly use it. But since I have it, I feel obligated to keep it sharp. If you own one and look for instructions on how to sharpen it you will see that all of the demonstrations use flat...

molding plane

Heat Treating O1 Steel

The cover story for the April 2016 issue (#224) is Caleb James’s article on making matched sets of Roubo-style moulding planes (the three sizes for which he reaches the most: Nos. 4, 6 and 8). To whet your appetite (and so I can show off the gorgeous opening image shot by Daniel Dubois, whom...

Always cut downhill when turning.

How to Start a Woodturning Cut

To turn wood safely, you need to know the correct way to introduce a cutting tool to a spinning workpiece. There are different ways to start a cut, depending on the type of tool you use. Here’s a look at how to start cuts with traditional woodturning tools and carbide tools. Positioning the Tool...