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good clean fun

Book Review: ‘Good Clean Fun,’ by Nick Offerman

As you’d expect, Nick Offerman’s latest book, “Good Clean Fun: Misadventures in Sawdust at Offerman Woodshop,” is funny and inspiring – and that is key in attracting new woodworkers. Let’s face it: Many of us are often far too serious and prescriptive when it comes to tools, techniques and talking shop. A little levity...

Precisely cutting a narrow triangle-shaped opening with power and/or hand tools is anything but simple. Cutting parts and precise details are tasks well suited for digital woodworking and CNCs.

How I Use a CNC: Cutting Parts Using a CNC

How I use a CNC: Part Two In the previous post, I gave an overall explanation of the process that I use to make furniture parts with a combination of various power tools and hand tools. Essentially, it’s a hybrid process of power and hand tools that many other professional and hobbyist woodworkers use. The goal...

crosscut jig

Crosscut Jig for Your Circular Saw

I have an affinity for the circular saw. Perhaps it comes from building the back deck at my parents’ house with my father when I was a kid (my earliest memory of really getting to build anything). Perhaps it’s from the summers I spent remodeling houses and building fences to help pay for college. There...

Waterfall leg

Live Edge Maple and Turned Walnut Waterfall Coffee Table

While teaching at Peters Valley, my class assistant, Anneloes Van Beek, and I decided to build a live edge furniture piece for the school’s benefit auction. We chose a flamboyant piece of maple which was rich with character, spalting and even some traces of bark. We contemplated what to do with it. It did...


Christopher Schwarz on Roman Workbenches

Christopher Schwarz’s next book (I’ve been urging him to refer to it as a monograph, given its single subject and form – and perhaps my penchant for hyperbole) will be on two Roman workbenches – one ancient design based on an 18th-century drawing of a fresco at Herculaneum and a surviving fresco at Pompeii,...


For the Love of Classic Wooden Toys

Perhaps it’s because I’ve become a father myself – or maybe it’s just a sign of getting older – but I’ve found myself thinking fondly of old toys. I’m not talking about the Transformers, Stretch Armstrongs and Star Wars figures of my youth (though, I love those toys with all my heart). Those kinds...