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Peters Valley craft store/gallery

Consider Selling Your Beautiful Woodwork in a Local Crafts Store

The campuses of crafts schools often house a gift shop or a gallery where artisans who taught there, took classes or became known to the school sell their work. Often a school’s store is the only showcase in the area for refined American crafts, a place where potters, woodworkers, blacksmiths, weavers and other makers...

Mike Siemsen is a woodworking expert set to speak at the Woodworking in America 2015 event in Kansas City.

Mike Siemsen: Woodworking in America 2015

When Mike Siemsen started work on a reproduction of an Aaron Willard tall case clock built in 1799, he had a lot of help – much of it invisible to others. There was his father, who taught Siemsen basic carpentry skills and a solid work ethic; there was Grant Francis, his high school shop...

Shaker Bench

Shaker-style Bench

Making the tool tote in my previous post and this Shaker-style bench has been very satisfying. It’s been a while since I’ve thought about these simple projects using highly accessible tools and timber, but doing so has reminded me how far you can go and how much fun you can have. To make this...


A Father’s Helping Hand

This past week my father flew out to help with the restoration of a 200-year-old cape my wife and I have undertaken. (More on that here.) Because we have to get the entire house off the property before July 31st, you could say that this disassembly stage of the process is time sensitive. Although...

Tool Tote

Simple & Quick Tool Tote

This post is less about the virtues of building a tote and more to do with some personal navel-gazing. Let’s deal with the tote first. I don’t think I’ve broken any new ground; my only aim was to keep it simple and strong. Attaching the base to the ends with dovetails gives a really...