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Design in Practice: Sack Back Windsors

One of the hardest things I’ve tried to teach is good design. There are lots of architectural and mathematical rules that can be applied to proportions, but many pieces of furniture just don’t dovetail. Some pieces, like some chairs, don’t fit into a proportioning system. They are made using general rules – like seat...


Come to Toronto; Bring Your Rotten Produce

This Friday and Saturday (April 11 and 12), I’ll be at the new Lee Valley Tools store in Vaughan, Ontario, to help celebrate the location’s grand opening (the store officially opened this morning). I’m very much looking forward to my trip across the border; I’ve never been to the Toronto area and I hear...


It’s a Bosch-mas Kinda Monday

It’s tough showing up on a Monday morning only to find that work has piled up considerably over the weekend. How am I seriously supposed to wade through two new Bosch cordless drills and a vacuum (I refuse to call them “extractors”, – but I may be forced to in the official review)? And...

Philadelphia Compass Seat Chair

Furniture Details: Compass Seat Back Stiles

Lots of folks think that back in the day, good quality wood was in such great supply that the craftsmen gave little thought to its judicious use. I have the perfect example to show that they were not only frugal with their use of raw materials, but their time as well; Queen Anne compass-...

Don Rosebrook at an EAIA gathering in Kansas City. (Photo from issue 210 of "Shavings," the EAIA newsletter, by Patty MacLeish).

Don Rosebrook, Tool Collector & Author

Don Rosebrook, past-President of the Early American Industries Association (EAIA), a prominent member of the Mid-West Tool Collectors Association (M-WTCA) and author of “Wooden Plow Planes,” “American Levels and Their Makers” and “America Level Patents Illustrated and Explained,” died Monday following a brief illness. Carl Bilderback, a longtime friend of Don’s, said that in...


Update: Magnetic-mount LED Work Light Review

In the April 2014 issue, I reviewed the Magnetic-mount LED Work Light that’s carried by Lee Valley Tools (click here if you wish to read the review). I had only one complaint – and it was that my rechargeable batteries didn’t fit, and that non-rechargeable batteries lasted on average only five hours – so...


A Soupçon of Woodworking

While working on my kitchen last Saturday, I had to cut a notch in the butcher block countertop to fit the apron-front sink in place. One side of the counter was long enough and therefore heavy enough to stay in place as I sawed (and had sufficient overhang into the sink area to allow...