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SAPFM is More than Worth the Membership Fee

In the June 2015 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine (which should be landing in subscriber mailboxes any day now if you’ve not already received it) I chose as “highly recommended” (page 12) a membership in the Society of American Period Furniture Makers (SAPFM). Everything I had to say about SAPFM’s annual member publication, American...


ESL Students as Woodworking Role Models

Don’t ya just hate those woodworkers who seemingly pick up and master new skills effortlessly? (A certain Village Carpenter and Heritage Woodworker come to my mind.) This type of person is truly accomplished in a certain area of the craft then one day decides – seemingly on a whim –  they’re going to learn...


Create Better Work with 28 Jigs & Fixtures

I like McDonald’s. It’s not haute cuisine, but I like it. One of the things that makes me like McDonald’s is that whether I order my Sausage McMuffin with Egg and an extra hash brown in Ohio, Texas, Florida or anywhere else, I know how it’ll taste (delicious). The brilliance of Ray Kroc, the man who...

SCM Fs520


For a new woodworker, finding an effective way to work these days can be tough. It would be easy to choose a totally unplugged path. And what a wonderful path that is. The Eaton County Woodworker , Tom Fidgen and Peter Follansbee are examples of how exciting and dynamic that experience could be. Even though I...


Studley: The World’s Best-known Tool Cabinet

I wouldn’t typically give away free on our site an article that hasn’t yet been seen by magazine subscribers. But this is not a typical situation, and time is of the essence. Don Williams, whose latest book, “Virtuoso: The Tool Cabinet and Workbench of Henry O. Studley” (with photographs by Narayan Nayar) will shipping...

Alan Lacer

Alan Lacer on His New Book, Woodturning and More

Alan Lacer has been involved in the field of woodturning for almost four decades. He’s done almost anything and everything you can think involving the craft from turning to teaching to writing, and is a past president of the American Association of Woodturners. His latest book, “Alan Lacer’s Woodturning Projects & Techniques” is a collection...


Woodworking Educator Litmus Test

Litmus tests are a necessary evil in life. In the sciences they are a critical tool; in a social context they’re a justification for exclusion, and a rationale for prejudice. Having said that… Woodworking is not a science and during my time as a woodworker I’ve developed a litmus test. The longer I woodwork,...