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PWIA Transportaion

Airport Transportation for PWIA

If you’re flying in to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CGV) for Popular Woodworking in America next weekend, there are several good options for ground transportation to downtown Covington. You can, of course, rent a car…but it’s really not necessary if you’re staying at one of the two “official” conference hotels (the Cincinnati Marriott...

James Hamilton, Stumpy Nubs

Popular Woodworking in America: An Interview With James Hamilton

James Hamilton is the man behind the popular Stumpy Nubs web site, which offers a range of online videos dedicated to woodworking and to outfitting your shop with homemade woodworking machines, jigs and tools. Hamilton is constantly seeking ways to organize, streamline and improve workshops – and strives to help others do the same. He will be teaching at Popular...

plywood countertop

Make a Long Plywood Countertop

The most challenging part of the built-in bookcase and desk I built for my study was the 135″-long plywood countertop; most of that challenge was balancing my desire for beauty with my checkbook. A 1-1/2″-thick, 12″+ long,  25″ wide slab of walnut simply wasn’t in my budget. Nor was the butcher block I looked...

Popular Woodworking in America

Popular Woodworking in America: An Interview with Alf Sharp

After a brief tenure in law school at Vanderbilt University, Alf Sharp decided the white collar world was not for him. His woodworking career began with some simple remodeling for a landlord in lieu of rent, which led to doing interior trim work and simple cabinetry, and teaching himself fine woodworking through books and...

excellence awards

Congratulations to the 2016 PWM Excellence Awards Winners

With so many excellent entries in the 2016 PWM Excellence Awards, selecting the Editors’ Choice winners and Grand-prize winner was incredibly difficult. All the editors and contributors have different aesthetic tastes, and the excellent craftsmanship displayed in the top vote getters didn’t help settle the discussions. In several cases the winner was chosen by...


Build a Danish Modern Storage Cabinet

What comes to mind when you think of a stereotypical male in their mid-twenties? Someone who has a beard, a few tattoos and loves to collect vinyl? Well yeah, that’s me, and I’m not afraid to call myself out. Something that may set me apart from others my age is my appreciation for well-constructed...

Classic Woodworking Tools

A Classic Book About Classic Woodworking Tools

When you find an old tool, you have some work to do to get it into working condition – cleaning, sharpening, tuning and so forth. Once you’ve spent some time with it, often you’ll find that the tool is just as good (or even better) than one you could have bought new. Mike Dunbar’s original edition of...

built-in shelving, built-in desk

Built-in Shelves

I’m working on a “built-in basics” article for an upcoming issue of the magazine. For perhaps obvious reasons, I’m not focusing that article on the specific components I designed for my study, because the odds of mine fitting perfectly into someone else’s space are slim indeed. I’ve spent the last month or so digging...