Caption the Photo Contest

Long-time carpenter and Popular Woodworking Magazine contributor Carl Bilderback sent me this image a few days back, and said I should come up with a clever caption about it being a baby picture of housewright Ron Herman. But I seem to be fresh out of clever – so I’m leaving it in your hands. Submit your caption of 50 or fewer words in the comments section by midnight on Sunday (Oct. 23). The writer of whichever caption I find to be the most amusing will win one copy each of Ron’s “Sharpen Your Handsaws” and “The Joinery Challenge” videos.

Yes, it’s awfully subjective – but this might help: Monty Python? Hilarious. Anything with Will Ferrell? Couldn’t tell you, because I refuse to watch it. “Strindberg & Helium?” Funniest. Cartoon. Ever. (And Ser Schwarz is pretty funny too…at least when he’s channeling Monty Python.)

— Megan Fitzpatrick


58 thoughts on “Caption the Photo Contest

  1. tman02

    What? Oh, when you said “now for something completely different” I was thinking “Okay! You know, if that handle were angled more…”
    But you meant different as in sharpening a rip saw today. Sorry!

  2. pathdoc60

    Get a handle on it Grandpa Ron, I thought you said you were going to tote me to the see-saw to sharpen my skills, not teach me skills at sharpening a saw and fixing a tote.

  3. Wood Man Dan

    I’m learning to play the saw,
    But there seems to be a flaw,
    My fingers are getting raw.

    I’d like to play some Handel,
    but I think I broke my handle.

    So upon reflection,
    I’m taking another direction,

    Maybe I’ll learn to draw.