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Quick Update on the Stanley Chisels

Stanley’s Sweetheart socket
chisels should be for sale in the United States in about six to eight
weeks, according to a company product manager. The chisels are in the
final testing stages in the United Kingdom right now.

The chisels were unveiled at a press conference in June.
Since then, I have been hammered by questions from readers about when
they will be available for sale. I should have a set to evaluate within
the next three weeks.

It’s going to be a Stanley kind of month. I
also am working on reviewing some newer versions of the company’s
handplanes. The company has made some improvements at the factory, and
it shows in the examples I now have. None of these planes have bedding
errors (which is a fatal flaw). The fit and finish has been greatly
improved. So far the only real negative I have is that I think the lever
caps are still flimsy. Does this affect performance? We’ll see.

— Christopher Schwarz

9 thoughts on “Quick Update on the Stanley Chisels

  1. Peter

    And look at the paper-thin shavings the chisel produced. Works wood like butter.

    BTW, the handles on those chisels have a distinct Lie-Nielsen look to them. Are they going to be hornbeam also?