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Just a Peek: June 2011

This morning was a lard-loving, verbiage-fueled throw-down at the Popular Woodworking Magazine offices. We’re preparing the last important building blocks to the June 2011 issue, and I shot this short video for one of the articles I’m writing.

There’s still time to subscribe. That is, if you care about my two small children getting enough to eat.

— Christopher Schwarz

9 thoughts on “Just a Peek: June 2011

  1. Amboyna

    I’m interested as well in the song. What is the name of the bluegrass style music? The same one is used in “Coffee Table and Cats”.

  2. Jim

    I can’t see any of your video’s. I have loaded Adobe flash several times. This is the only site I am having problems with. Any ideas?

    1. tsstahl

      Browser ad blocker? A lot of ads are done in flash. You can shoot yourself in the foot pretty easily by a mouse click.

  3. woodzealot

    Ohhh boy, can’t wait. I love articles on tape!

    Hmmmm… I’ll take a stab. The article is about favorite woodworking books… I would also imagine the possibility of a certain publishing company not being particularly keen on featuring works of competitors perhaps… hence tape of the red persuasion?

    I’m sure I’ve watched one too many CSI shows and am wrong but I had to try my hand.

    1. Christopher SchwarzChristopher Schwarz Post author

      Ah, I think that if you examine the video in extreme slow-motion and analyze the titles by publisher, then you will surely never get kissed by a girl.

      We don’t really give a crap about that stuff. We like what we like. Heck we like our stuff, too. And we like their stuff.

      1. woodzealot

        Oops, my bad. I knew that you guys didn’t care about that stuff. I saw red tape and those titles and thought perhaps a suit off in the distance had issue with it (not that there is anything even wrong with that). I blame this on a college literature class where we just watched movies looking for hidden meaning… yes, I took the “movies” version of American Literature.

        And I’m not concerned with getting kissed by a girl… just touched… and at a reasonable price.

        BTW. I like the threaded comments. The new site is looking good!

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