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Free Download: Deluxe Plans for 'The Schoolbox'

You can download a deluxe SketchUp drawing of the Schoolbox, a project that was featured on the cover of the Autumn 2009 issue.

This file was made by Randall Wilkins, a set designer in the film industry who uses SketchUp in his job and in his woodworking hobby. This file is extremely cool. Here are some details.

Wilkins has added additional scenes (click on the tabs at the top of the file) that will create shop drawings for you in a variety of views, including some helpful section views. All the surfaces have a nice wood grain pattern on them. And the box’s lid is now a dynamic component , which means it will open and shut with a mouse click. Here’s how to do that:

In Sketchup, go to View/Tool Palettes/Dynamic Components, a new tool palette will open. Click on the little hand and then touch the box lid. It will open and close again on the next click. This will work from any view. Wilkins created these drawings because he is planning on making a copy of the schoolbox for each of his daughters. But he also graciously allowed us to share it with you.

Don’t have SketchUp? You should. It’s a free download from Google.

To download the deluxe Schoolbox drawings, click here.

– Christopher Schwarz

21 thoughts on “Free Download: Deluxe Plans for 'The Schoolbox'

  1. bennyk

    I use Vectorworks professionally, so it seemed natural to plan my woodworking projects using the same package. More expensive than Sketchup but cheaper than AutoCAD. I always draw in 3d because I think that way. 2d pencil drafting used to drive me nuts! I’ve got great respect for all the blueliners who came before me. That is truly a lost art form.

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