Electronic Drawings

With many of our woodworking projects, we supply an electronic drawing that you can manipulate or study. Usually these are in SketchUp format. Here you’ll find all the electronic drawings from Chris Schwarz’s woodworking blog, and the woodworking tips and tricks that go along with using them. Learing how to work with these drawings is a vital skill for the modern-day woodwoker – if you don’t know where to begin, start here with our library of SketchUp tutorials.

Introducing the Future to the Past

Louis Bois is a lucky guy. Recently he purchased the beautiful carver’s vise shown above, which was made by the French firm Forge Royale. He’s been looking for background information on the vise and the manufacturer and has come up empty-handed. But there’s hope. Back in 1981, The Mid-West Tool Collectors Association reprinted a...