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Perhaps the best way to learn or improve your woodworking skills is to look over the shoulder of a master as he works. Here you’ll find a wide selection of woodworking videos including complete woodworking projects, reliable woodworking advice and lessons from experts in the field. Use this page to keep up to date on our newest DVD releases.


Welsh Stick Chair Video: A Different Approach

I can finally put a tick next to something that’s long been on my “to do” list: Learn how to build a Welsh stick chair. With all that’s going on with my house right now (I just started tear-out on one of the bathrooms and still haven’t finished the stairs), I knew it would...


Woodturning with Tim Yoder Season 3: Episodes 1-6

The newest “Woodturning with Tim Yoder” DVD is here, and season three is shaping up to be a good one. Tim has a lot of great projects, and I find myself learning new skills and techniques with each new episode. In both the Lichtenberg Fractal Burned Vessel and Cosmic Clouds Platter episodes, Tim steps away...


Pictures in the Pattern: Simple Parquetry Techniques

A few years ago (okay maybe more than that) picture mosaics were all the rage. Making a single large image from lots of smaller images arranged in a planned pattern by color and “pattern”. Whenever I saw one of those images, the woodworker in me always thought of the ancient art of parquetry. Essentially...


Build a Danish Modern Storage Cabinet

What comes to mind when you think of a stereotypical male in their mid-twenties? Someone who has a beard, a few tattoos and loves to collect vinyl? Well yeah, that’s me, and I’m not afraid to call myself out. Something that may set me apart from others my age is my appreciation for well-constructed...

Band Saw

Power Tool Essentials: The Band Saw

In my first post on the Popular Woodworking blog, I mentioned a band saw at the cabinet shop that I worked at. That band saw had writing on the top wheel cover that said “At no times should the fingers leave the hands.” That’s not exactly the most reassuring thing to read on what could...


“10 Essential Furniture Repairs” with Joshua Klein

In a lot of woodshops, the easiest way to fix a mistake is to simply start over. Didn’t account for the tenon in your drawings and cut the stretcher too short? Cut a new board and start from scratch. In the old shop I used to work at, the boards with mistakes were destined to a new...

Traditional Japanning

Traditional Japanning, It’s Worth the Time

Let me start by getting this off my chest, the phrase “Traditional Japanning” makes me laugh a little because “Japanning” is a European finishing technique that is an imitation of Asian lacquerwork. Snicker. Doesn’t matter, this is a very cool finishing technique. Get the images of dusty boxes on shelves in Chinatown shops out...


The Woodwright’s Shop with Roy Underhill Season 32

Calling All Tool Geeks! Roy Underhill has your number in Season 32. I have a hard time coming up with interesting new ideas for dinner, so I’m always in awe when Roy manages to pull together another 13 episodes of “The Woodwright’s Shop” that are clever, informative and new! Season 32 is all of...


Build a Greene & Greene Dining Chair

The early 1900s Arts & Crafts movement is frequently recognized as a reaction to the industrial revolution with a strong emphasis on hand-crafted furniture, pottery, metalwork and art. All well and good, but it can also be noted that the more successful companies creating these pieces also recognized the economies of scale and the...