Advice from Experts Bender & Breed

I recently stumbled across a short but interesting video from The Furniture Project in which Alan Breed and frequent Popular Woodworking Magazine contributor Charles Bender discuss a Seymour-inspired chair made by North Bennet Street student Timm Scheliff.

For those unfamiliar with The Furniture Project, it’s a relaunch of the WoodExpo show in Boston and a great spot for New England woodworkers to show their work. The 2013 show is slated to take place in Boston Feb. 21-24, 2013, and there is still time to submit your work for possible inclusion. The deadline is Jan. 11, 2013 and there is no charge for either submission or participation in the show. You’ll find more details in the Call for Entries. The Furniture Project 2013 will be a part of the New England Home Show, where an audience of 25,000 is expected.

Whether you make it to the show or not, the videos on the web site are worth a look. Aside from the Bender and Breed critique, you’ll also find video of Breed carving a ball-and-claw foot and Phil Lowe working on a cabriole leg – you couldn’t ask for advice and instruction from more skilled makers.

To see more from Bender, take a look at his DVDs: Cabriole Legs Simplified and Carve a Ball & Claw Foot.

– Matthew Teague


One thought on “Advice from Experts Bender & Breed

  1. whintor

    I wonder what Timm Schleiff thought of this critique? It almost bordered on “damning with faint praise”.
    As one of my old professors used used to say to me, “the answer you just gave is like putting your ****s on the table and offering me a hammer”!!

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