Tricks of the Trade

If there’s one thing a woodworker loves as much as a new tool, it’s a new trick! There’s nothing like discovering a slick new maneuver or a cool jig that makes life sweeter in the shop. Fortunately, Popular Woodworking Magazine readers are a clever bunch, and happy to share their bright ideas.

In every “Tricks of the Trade” column, you’ll find a cornucopia of great workshop ideas submitted by your fellow readers. They cover everything from hand tool tips, machine jigs and clever shop accessories to great advice for better finishing, joinery, layout, and sharpening, among other time-saving, skill-building tricks. To read some of our recent “Tricks of the Trade” and to watch our “Tricks-in-Action” videos, scroll down below.

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An Accurate Affordable Square

The other night I was polishing the back of my favorite chisel I never use. I pondered my reflection in the shimmering metal, and wondered if I could get it shiny enough to enable time travel. I seemed to be getting close because I felt such a strong connection to woodworkers of days gone...


Tricks of the Trade

This month's winning trick is a nifty solution for Slide-out Tool Storage, from Dyami Plotke Edited by Kari Hultman Pages: 14-15 ADDITIONAL IMAGES: See the construction process of the slide-out tool storage cabinet. VIDEO: Tricks-in-Action shows you a free video of one of this issue’s tricks in use in our shop. Watch “A Better Dado Setup” –...


Tricks of the Trade

By Popular Woodworking Magazine readers Pages: 12-13 From the April 2011 issue #189 Buy this issue now The winning trick from this issue is a "Benchtop Saw Upgrade" from Dan Chiappetta, of Astoria, N.Y. His clever shop-made MDF table adds surface area to a contractor table saw. Plus, a "Shop-made Pen Press" from Serge Duclos of Delson,...


April 2011 Tricks In Action

Our Tricks of the Trade column is written by our readers, and most of the entries come from “regular guys.” Occasionally we receive a trick from someone more recognizable, and this month our video trick comes from north of the border, courtesy of Mag Ruffman, aka “toolgirl.” Mag has written articles for us in...


Benchtop Saw Upgrade

I improved the tabletop of my bottom-of-the-line table saw, and the saw’s performance has gone through the roof. A piece of MDF, a few scraps and screws, and a couple hours work was all it took. It saved me hundreds of dollars because I didn’t need to buy a bigger and better saw for...


How to Submit to Tricks of the Trade

Join the “Tricks of the Trade” Crowd Cash and Prizes for Your Tricks and Tips! We invite you to join this clever community and win cash and prizes in the process. Each issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine we publish useful woodworking tips from our readers. The winning trick in each issue will receive a...

Tricks-in-Action: Kerf Jigs for Perfect Cuts

Editor Christopher Schwarz demonstrates the winning trick from the August 2010 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. This trick shows you how to make two clever blocks that make it easy to set up a circular saw or jigsaw to ride accurately against a fence.