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Spacing Dovetails with Dividers – a Little History

I’ve always been intrigued about the history of the way some English-trained woodworkers set out their dovetail joints using dividers. I first learned to use this method – which I love – from Rob Cosman. He learned it from legendary craftsman Alan Peters. But where did Peters learn it from? I don’t know, so...

All dovetails: The corners of this chest are all constructed using full-blind or half-blind dovetails.

The Case for Hidden Joinery

When I took my first woodworking class in 1993 I was gung-ho to learn two things: through-tenons and through-dovetails. At the time I was intoxicated by Arts & Crafts furniture and exposed joinery. For many woodworkers, I suspect that exposed joinery sends a message: This piece is made well. It’s not made using corrugated...


The Black Knife

In 19th-century English workshops you could be sacked (fired) for wearing eyeglasses. There are even accounts of how a shop might have a certain phrase that was spoken when the master was about to walk through the workroom. When that phrase was uttered, all the eyeglasses would go into hiding. I would have been...


Dovetails: The Strong, Silent & Shy Type

Campaign chests had to take a beating. They traveled all over the British Empire during the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. And yet they bore their burden without complaint or explanation. Which is to say: When you look at most campaign chests, it’s unclear how they were constructed. Yes, the drawers were dovetailed....

Tight corners and clean joints are the hallmarks of a quality frame. Deceptively simple in concept, yet demanding in execution, it is only simple to assemble a frame if all the parts are near perfection.

Making Frames

Sooner or later, someone will ask you to make a picture frame. Here is how to get it right the first time. by Robert W. Lang Pages 21-23 From the Summer 2009 issue of Woodworking Magazine, issue 14 Buy this issue now Picture frames are one of those woodworking projects that we all assume...


Speed Tenons – Safely

Table Saw Blades & The Laws of Physics If you wanted to make a device to throw pieces of wood at a high rate of speed, how would you design it? You could look at the machines used in sports for throwing things and start with a spinning disc, say 10″ in diameter. If...


The ‘Impossitails’ Zone

Amaze your friends with quadrilateral and rising dovetails. By Roy Underhill Pages: 38-39 From the November 2011 issue #193 Buy this issue now An ordinary day in the shop, but suddenly, you’re dovetailing through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind. You’re on a journey into a woodworking land whose boundaries are...


Router-enhanced Dovetails

Contributing Editor Glen D. Huey made this short video while working on the cover project for the upcoming November 2011 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine (which should start arriving in subscriber mailboxes the week of Oct. 10). The piece of furniture is called a “Lady’s Desk,” and it’s among the 27 projects in in...


Easy Curvaceous Edge Joints

Last winter, I was puzzling out a way to make edge joints that are just the opposite of what we normally want – perfectly straight. I wanted free-flowing curves and I wanted to join contrasting colors of wood species. So the question was how to match the two joint lines on the different pieces...