Wood Finishing

No woodworking project is finished until it is, well, finished. There are many wood finishing techniques in the world, each one with different functional and aesthetic characteristics. The final finish can turn a project into a masterpiece, or ruin hundreds of hours of hard work. Find out here how to finish wood the right way, every time, no matter what woodworking project you’re completing. Whether you’re finishing up an elegant, delicate jewelry box, or an outdoor chair meant to face the elements, you’ll find the right wood finishing technique here.


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Creole Table: Now the Real Work Begins

It’s curious that many of the people I know who are professional finishers and refinishers are also connoisseurs of drink. Whenever I spray finish , particularly lacquer , I always get an unusual craving for a beer. Perhaps it’s simply the act of replacing one toxin for another. Or perhaps it is the drink...

Tanning Beds: The Final Frontier for Finishing Cherry?

There’s an adage that cherry is the wood that comes with a built-in stain. All you have to do is apply a clear topcoat and watch its rich color develop during the following years. Of course, that’s not what most people do. Cherry, which is currently the most popular wood for commercial cabinets, is...

Paper Bag Miracle

When it comes to finishing, I’m first to admit I can be a bit chicken. I do work hard at finishing, but I generally stick with what I know. And I avoid wetsanding the finish at all costs. I tried several times to get wetsanding right, but I always had problems getting a consistent...