Windsor chairs

Windsor Chair Joints

Learning from Windsor Chair Joints

Any experience making or repairing chairs gives you a little bit of insight into how important the joinery is in chairs. And chairmakers have long used socket joints – joints made with a round hole and a round tenon – because they can be made quickly and easily. One problem: these are a rather weak...


New Windsor Chairmaking Classes with Richard Grell

In his April 2013 Design Matters column, George R. Walker introduced to our pages the work of Windsor chairmaker Richard Grell, and shared the fascinating story of how a devastating fire and its aftermath proved the enduring strength of the Windsor form. (Download and read that article here: A_Chairmakers_Design_Lessons.) Today, I received a press...

Comb-Back Chair by Curtis Buchanan

Chairmaker Curtis Buchanan’s Videos

Last fall I attended a two hour presentation at Woodworking in America by Windsor chairmaker Curtis Buchanan. Without a doubt, it was my favorite class of the event. Curtis has a combination of talents and skills that I found enthralling. As a teacher, he’s a natural with 30 years of chairmaking experience combined with...