Q & A: Rust and Mold on Waterstones

Q: My set of Norton waterstones has recently developed two problems. First, a brownish stain appears when I sharpen my chisels and plane irons. Could this be rust? My second problem is mold, probably the result of storing my stones in damp conditions. Can you recommend a way to get rid of the rust...


Looking Sharp for my Vacation

Early this morning, I dove into my tool chest to pull the stuff I’ll need next week at The Woodwright’s School for a 17th-century joint stool class with Peter Follansbee. And I realized, as I arrayed the tools on my bench, that my bad habits had caught up with me. How many of you...


DMT Introduces its Dia-Flat Plate

I’ve always preferred diamond plates for flattening my waterstones and oilstones. Though a coarse or extra-coarse diamond stone does a fine job, the sharpening stones are pretty hard on the diamond impregnated surface, wearing the diamond plate prematurely, according to engineers at DMT. I’m not a big fan, however, of the stone-based flattening systems...