Troy Sexton


Antique Barn Finish

Add centuries of wear and tear to your projects using a tested formula that’s simple and safe – no open flame! By Troy Sexton Pages: 78-83 From the June 2007 issue #162 Buy this issue now This is the furniture finish that fooled our local auctioneer, a man with 30 years of experience selling...


Real World Router Test

A woodworking pro takes on 9 router kits to find his favorite. By Troy Sexton Pages: 57-63 From the June 2007 issue #162 Buy this issue now I’m a full-time professional woodworker, so I need my tools to be reliable. And I absolutely hate to waste time. I make money when I’m doing something...


American Cabinet

Satisfy a need for household storage without sacrificing valuable shop time. By Troy Sexton Pages: 42-46 From the April 2008 issue #168 Buy this issue now Besides a table and chairs, no piece fits the dining room better than this quintessentially American country-style cabinet with storage behind doors and a flat surface for serving...