Tool Chests


A Look at H.O. Studley’s Blades

When I inspect an antique tool – especially one that hasn’t been messed with much – I always take a look at the cutting edge. How was it sharpened? What is the shape of the edge? Did they do any work on the unbeveled face of the blade. Usually, the edges of most vintage...


A Most Unusual Tool Chest

I’ve always liked artwork and woodworking pieces that were executed by someone with a good deal of talent but a lack of formal training. Some people call this “outsider” work, so I guess that makes a lot of us outsiders. Recently, tool seller Patrick Leach sent me some photos of an interesting tool chest...


Greene & Greene-inspired Storage Chest

Classic design elements combine to create a new design. By David Mathias Pages: 36-41 From the April 2008 issue #168 Buy this issue now Seven years ago I made my first piece of Greene & Greene-style furniture, a coffee table of my own design. It contained several elements the Greenes commonly used: cloudlifts and...