Side Tables

A 3⁄8"mortising chisel makes quick work of the apron mortises on each leg. One of the stretcher mortises is visible on the leg at the bottom of the photo.

Thorsen House Side Table

While looking for a piece to build, I was talking with Robert W. Lang, senior editor for Popular Woodworking and author of the just-published “Shop Drawings for Greene & Greene Furniture” (Fox Chapel). He suggested adapting a small side table originally made for the Thorsen House in Berkeley, Calif.

Expanded Drawings for the Shaker Side Table

Below you will find a SolidWorks “live model” for the Shaker Side Table from the sold-out Autumn 2004 issue. This table is probably the second-most popular project we’ve built (second only to the Roubo-style workbench). In the next two weeks we’re going to announce a new product that will give you access the plans...