A Sofa Table, of Sorts

I’ve been trying to find time to make a narrow (very narrow) table to go alongside my couch and this weekend, I had the choice of time in the shop, or thoroughly cleaning my house. No contest. This little table, inspired by a classic Shaker side table, will go alongside my couch next to...


Shaker Table

Shaker Table A perfect blend of classic lines and modern joinery. By Tom Caspar When I first saw a drawing of this table 20 years ago in a book by Thomas Moser, I knew I had to make it (see Sources, below). It perfectly captures the essence of classic Shaker design. Taut, lean and...


Acclimatization Can be Cruel

The August issue starts mailing next week – and in Cincinnati, it certainly feels as if it’s August. The high today here was in the 90s; as I write this, the sun has long been set and it’s still 80° with 75 percent humidity. My people are from peat bogs; I am not bred...