Woodworking is What You Make It

Woodworking is not a difficult endeavor. It’s not, really. It is woodworkers that make it difficult. Over-thinking and sweating the small stuff causes us to pause, or even stop. It’s better to get out in the shop and make something – anything – happen. Just recently, in a comment posted to my personal blog...

What is a Router Collet

Your Guide to Router Collets

How a Collet Works • A collet is the steel sleeve that holds a router bit in a router. The collet works with the router shaft (connected directly to the motor) and the collet nut.   • Collets are machined to perfectly mate with the tapered recess in the end of the shaft and...


Hand Tools, Routers, Japanese Joinery and More – New on DVD

From mastering hand tools to router basics, 18th-century joinery to Japanese hand tools and joinery, you’ll find it all among the five new DVD selections now available  to order at (and four of them are on “pre-sale” which means you save 20 percent if you order before the DVDs arrive in the warehouse)....