Q&A: Stain Your Shop Floor

It’s easier to work with than an oil-based floor paint and doesn’t give off dangerous fumes as does epoxy paint. Concrete stain won’t peel or chip off when you move your machines around because it penetrates the surface. Paint forms a film on top.

Yellow Pine, Poplar or Plywood for Workbench Storage

This week, I swear I’m getting started on my workbench. To heck with my computer, I need to make dust or something. It’s time to get into the shop. Trouble is, I don’t have, as of yet, any tools at the Popular Woodworking Magazine shop. I need a place to store my tools when...

Losing my Neanderthal Union Card

Grab your torch and pitchfork, people. Though I am a big fan of handwork, traditional construction methods and old stuff in general, I am a slave to modern spray finishing methods. I first learned how to apply finish with a brush and a rag. And I was never entirely happy with the results. Then,...