October 2013


Design Matters: Sketching Strategies

As with woodworking skills, design and drawing skills take practice. By George R. Walker Pages 20-22 Buy This Issue Now For many woodworkers, design seems like a leap into the unknown. It’s one thing to teach our hands to saw to a curved line; it’s quite another to summon our eye to conjure a fair curve. Blog: Read...


Woodworking Essentials: The Mighty Compass

A swing of an arc is the solution to many layout and construction problems. By Robert W. Lang Pages 54-55 Buy This Issue Now If you think a compass is only for drawing circles, think again. This simple and inexpensive device can divide almost anything into precise and equal sections, construct complex polygons and find the precise...


Flexner on Finishing: A Brief History of HVLP

Vacuum cleaners were the basis for a major change in spray technology. By Bob Flexner Pages 62-63 Buy This Issue Now For almost a century the dominant spray technology was based on high-pressure compressed air. This technology produces wonderful results, but it has the downside of creating a lot of bounce back – the spray, under high...


In Tune with Woodworking

The best work is often built one piece at a time, so toss your cutlist. By Glen Hart Page 64 Buy This Issue Now I have been in professional piano repair and tuning for more than 30 years. My father taught me how to tune by ear. That’s “old-school” style. Twitter: Follow us on Twitter @pweditors.