November 2010

Online Extras: November 2010 Issue

Online Extras for the November 2010 issue include the free SketchUp model for the Hanging Corner Cupboard, the free SketchUp model for the Contemporary Shelves, the complete SketchUp model for the William & Mary Bookstand and more.


End Grain: Repurposed, Reimagined

Morgan library pieces get extended shelf life. By Brendan Isaac Jones Page: 64From the November 2010 issue # 186 Buy this issue nowThe call came as monumental calls do – in the middle of hanging upper cabinets.“My name is D—, and I need you to build me two walk-in closets using J.P. Morgan’s Library.”I sent...


Flexner on Finishing: Wiping Varnish

A method of brushing onto a complex surface. By Bob Flexner Pages: 54-56From the November 2010 issue # 186 Buy this issue nowWiping varnish might be the most popular hand-applied finish used by woodworkers. It’s popular because it’s just as easy to apply as oil finishes but much more moisture, scratch, heat and solvent resistant.You...


Aging Your Projects Gracefully

Part 1: Adding wear and tear to a piece is like writing a convincing tale of fiction. By Michael Dunbar Pages: 50-53From the November 2010 issue # 186 Buy this issue nowIt’s your day off. So, you go into your shop to make a new piece of furniture. How do you want it to look...


Fit Doors with Ticking Sticks

A traditional trick used by carpenters can help you fit doors into almost any irregular opening. By Carl Bilderback Pages: 48-49From the November 2010 issue # 186 Buy this issue nowFitting inset doors into a face frame cabinet is a task that even veteran cabinetmakers would rather avoid. Unless the corners of the face frame...


Cut, Glue & Sand Veneer

Part 2: Simple and inexpensive tools are the core of a successful veneering job. By Marc Adams Pages: 40-47From the November 2010 issue # 186 Buy this issue nowFor nearly 30 years I have worked with veneer as one of my principal materials in all my furniture pieces. What I enjoy the most about working...


The Forgotten Miter Box

Once common, the miter box has been relegated to garage sales. Here’s why you should find one for your workshop. By Ron Herman Pages: 36-39From the November 2010 issue # 186 Buy this issue nowI build houses for a living, and I have a full array of power equipment at my disposal. Yet, when I...