Plane detail from Plate 4 of "Mechanick Exercises." B1: Fore-plane; B2: Jointer; B3: Strike-block (small jointer and miter plane); B4: Smoothing-plane; B5: Rabbet Plane; B6: Plow

Who Was Reading Moxon in 1700?

When you have occaſion to take your Iron out of the Stock to rub it, that is, to whet it, you may knock pretty ſmart Blows upon the Stock, between the Mouth and the Fore-end, to looſen the Wedge, and conſequently the Iron, Theſe ways of setting are uſed to all other Planes, as...


Super-simple Support for the Moxon Double-screw

When I built a Moxon double-screw vise last year for sawing and other chores, I tried to keep it as simple and close to the 17th-century original as I could. After building two prototypes, I made it even simpler and easy to build by using 8/4 stock instead of some uber-thick wood. But woodworkers,...