Megan Fitzaptrick


(W)racked with Indecision

I don’t know why, but I didn’t like the idea of a saw till on the floor of my tool chest full across the front, walled off from the rest of the floor space (like what Christopher Schwarz installed in his “Anarchist’s Tool Chest“). Instead, I put my panel saws on the underside of...


A Trio of Common Beginner Questions (& Answers)

If you’re new to the craft of woodworking, this post is for you, and it’s to help spread the word on the brainchild of Tom Iovino (Tom’s Workbench), “Get Woodworking Week,” Feb. 3-9. Below, I’ve addressed a handful of the most common questions I get from beginning woodworkers. Q: What’s the deal with the...


The Joint Stool as Hiding Place

It would be nigh-on impossible to find a house in the early modern* period that didn’t have  a “joynt stool,” “joyned table” or “joyned forme.” What’s a “joynt stool?” Randle Holme, in the fascinating (and massive) tome “Academy of Armory and Blazon” (1688), writes, “It is so called because all made and finished by...