Matthew Teague


Tapered Sliding Dovetails by Router

For the  James Krenov-style hanging cabinet I built out of cherry for the April 2012 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine I used tapered sliding dovetails to join the case. For a step-by-step slideshow of how to use a router to cut these joints, click on the video player below: – Matthew Teague  

SketchUp for Woodworkers

A Better Way to Learn SketchUp

Learning a new skill is a lot easier if you think of it as a hobby. Though I wasn’t one of the earliest adapters, I started using SketchUp, a drafting program you can download for free, a few years back. (A pro version can be purchased as well, but the free version does most...


Cherry Wall Cabinet

An angular front and glass doors lend visual interest to this classic Krenov Matthew Teague pages 24-30From the April 2012 issue, #196Through the early stages of my woodworking, when I was sweating away evenings in a Mississippi basement trying to learn the craft using a $99 table saw and an $18 block plane,...


The Trouble with VOC-compliant Finishes

When it comes to finish, I want something that is easy to apply, offers a little protection and doesn’t require spray equipment. And once I find a finish I like, I tend to be pretty loyal. I used Minwax’s Antique Oil Finish almost exclusively before a friend turned me on to Waterlox Original Sealer/Finish...


Stealing Away to the Shop

Wrapping up the last details on a piece I’ve been building for the April issue, I had a nice surprise last weekend: Stealing away a few minutes while my kids took a nap (or a least pretended to), I headed out to the shop, grabbed an old carving knife and started experimenting with a...


New Job, New Cabinet Design

First, thank you for all the nice posts and letters I’ve received since my new job was announced last week. I’m excited to be joining the team here at Popular Woodworking Magazine. After eight years of building furniture and writing for various magazines, it’s nice to get back on the editorial side, especially at...