Mallet Theory: You Can Get Used to Almost Any Tool

When it comes to holding a woodworking tool in our hands for hours at a time, we have two choices: change the tool or change our attitude. Most woodworkers – surprisingly – refuse to change the tools. Perhaps we’re afraid we’ll make it worse. Or we don’t know what to alter on the tool....


Meet my ‘Mongo’

Among the many tools of Christopher Schwarz’s that I covet is his vintage English brass mallet with wood inserts, a tool he calls “Mongo.” Now, I can cross one venial sin off my very long list of things for which I should atone; I have a Mongo (Mingo?) to call my own. Glen D....


It’s a Mystery

This puzzle mallet is seemingly made by magic. by Roy Underhill pages 44-49 From the April 2012 Issue, #196 It can’t come apart, but, problem is, it can’t go together! Legend has it that Abraham Lincoln invented this mysterious mallet. The trouble with ordinary mallets, in his time as now, was that they kept “flying off the handle.”...