Learning SketchUp


Dovetails in SketchUp – Easier Than You Think

When I teach woodworkers about SketchUp we always reach a point where I say, “the level of detail to include in your model is up to you”. Then I explain the level that I usually work to and conclude with “but if you know what you’re doing it doesn’t take that long.” Dovetails are...


SketchUp Questions and Answers

SketchUp Quick Links SketchUp Tutorials and Articles What is Google SketchUp? Resources for Learning SketchUp SketchUp Models This post is where you can ask questions about using Google SketchUp, or about one of our products for learning SketchUp. Ask your question by leaving a comment below. You can also comment and add your method...

Expoded views are easy to create with SketchUp

What Can You Do With SketchUp

SketchUp is our tool of choice for designing and planning projects. For the past several years, every project seen in the pages of Popular Woodworking Magazine and most of our illustrations began life as a 3-dimensional model created with Google SketchUp. We use it because it reduces our planning and design time because we...