Kerry Pierce


Shaker Construction Methods

A furniture maker visits the Pleasant Hill, Ky., community and unearths a fair number of surprises (nails!) about Shaker joinery. By Kerry Pierce Pages: 38-44 From the December 2005 issue #152 Buy this issue now If you’re planning to stay at the restored Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill, Ky., I have some advice: At...


Pleasant Hill Shaker Miniature Chest

Reproductions may have room for improvement. By Kerry Pierce Pages: 58-63 From the October 2006 issue #157 Buy this issue now Furniture reproductions are never exactly like the originals on which they’re based. In some cases, that’s because the skill and artistry of the reproducer don’t measure up to the skill and artistry of...


Out of the Woodwork: Common Ground

My dad was a cabinetmaker for most of his working life. Unfortunately, he plied this trade in a small, working-class town in Northwestern Ohio, a town with more farmers than investment bankers, with more machinists than venture capitalists. So there weren’t many local residents with the financial resources to hire my dad to build...