John Hutchinson


Great Woodshops: Modernica

21st-century beauty from Baltic birch and bent lamination. by John Hutchinson Pages: 76-82 From the November 2006 issue #158 Buy this issue now As I looked at the “Modern” furniture coming to life in the Modernica workshops of brothers Frank and Jay Novak in Los Angeles, Calif., I couldn’t help comparing it to the...


Ribbon Table

Impossible? No. Impossibly easy. By John Hutchinson Pages: 74-78 From the August 2006 issue #156 Buy this issue now If architect and furniture designer Alvar Aalto (Finland, 1898-1976) is considered to be one of the founding fathers of modern design, then Eileen Gray (Ireland, 1878-1976), who shared his profession and time on Earth, must...