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A Visit with Toshio Odate

Most of last week, I was in Connecticut to film a video with teacher, sculptor, author, artist and woodworker (also, excellent chef) Toshio Odate, along with our video editor, David Thiel, and studio manger Ric Deliantoni. I’d prepared (of course) a long list of questions and subjects to discuss with Toshio…but when we turned...


Hand Tools, Routers, Japanese Joinery and More – New on DVD

From mastering hand tools to router basics, 18th-century joinery to Japanese hand tools and joinery, you’ll find it all among the five new DVD selections now available  to order at ShopWoodworking.com (and four of them are on “pre-sale” which means you save 20 percent if you order before the DVDs arrive in the warehouse)....


NEW: ‘Japanese Hand Tools & Joinery’

If you were one of the 450 people at Woodworking in America 2011, then hopefully you were able to fit in one of Jay van Arsdale’s sessions on Japanese tools and joinery. But if not (or for those who were there but want a refresher), we now have the next-best thing to learning from...


My Plane is Larger Than Yours

Our friend Jay van Arsdale sent us this link from what looks to be a Japanese woodworking event similar to Woodworking in America. Do you have a plane that can do this? – Ajax Alexandre Follow-up from Jay van Arsdale: The large plane used in the video is called a “beam plane” and is...

japanese timber

Precut – Modern Japanese Timber Construction

Last week, author and craftsman, Jay van Arsdale, founder of Daiku Dojo, a Japanese Woodworking group and one of our WIA 2011 instructors, sent me this link to a video on some of the technology that is being employed in Japan to combat the diminishing work force of skilled carpenters and the desire to...


A Teacup & 8 Dinner Plates

Not only living beings retain a soul; some objects do as well. By Toshio Odate Pages: 52-55 From the October 2011 issue #192 Buy the issue now The word “Pantheism” is defined as “the religious belief or philosophical doctrine, which identifies the universe with God.” And, “The doctrine that God is not a personality, but that...


Japanese Garden Bench Sketchup Model

This is a model of a simple bench project featured in an article by editor Christopher Schwarz and former managing editor Kara Gephart.