I Can Do That


A Comedy of Errors

For the last couple weeks, we were scrambling to get ready for Woodworking in America. Now, we’re scrambling to get all the in-house stories written, and the freelance stories in, edited and designed for the December issue, for which the binder read-through is this Thursday. And I had to scramble to get the I...


I Can Do That: Tool Tote

Wedged through-tenons keep this handle secure.By Megan Fitzpatrick Pages: 58-60From the November 2011 issue #193 Buy this issue nowWhether you’re using it for woodworking tools or garden tools, a tote is a simple and quick project. It’s so simple, in fact, that I decided to add a wee degree of difficulty with a curved handle...


I Can Do That: Small Bench – SketchUp Model

This is a model of a small bench that was the “I Can Do That” project in the October 2011 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. Project design and construction by Managing Editor Megan Fitzpatrick.   View the Google SketchUp Model. View all of the Woodworking SketchUp Models. Purchase the October 2011 issue of Popular...

In the round. The smoother your jigsaw cut, the less sanding.

I Can Do That: Spastic Susan

Make a Sherpa of a dining table centerpiece that goes the distance.By Mag RuffmanThe modest Lazy Susan is a staple on circular dining tables. Everyone can reach out and activate its convenient, if sluggish, spinning action in order to self-serve their favorite condiments from a jumble of bottles, shakers and jars. BLOG: Read Mag’s...


I Can Do That: Small Bench

This simple seat is ideal for a hallway or porch.By Megan Fitzpatrick Pages: 26-27From The October 2011 issue #192 Buy the issue nowThis project is inspired by a period choir bench in my mom’s dining room – but I modernized the Gothic revival design of the original with sweeping curves on the arms...

Chairs fixed

I Can Do That: Limbert Outdoor Cafe Chair

A great chair to make in pairs (or more), this outdoor version of a classic Charles Limbert Arts & Crafts cafe chair is simple to make using basic home center lumber and only a few common tools. Very little woodworking experience required.   Download the Limbert Chair Plans Here