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8_Chair Seat

2013 Popular Woodworking Magazine Favs – Part 2

In a continuation of selecting my favorite articles from the issues of 2013 (read part 1 here), below covers the August (issue #205) through December (issue #208) for the year. My hands-down winner from the August 2014 issue is the article written by Mario Rodriguez, “Take a U-turn to Scoop a Chair Seat.” Jigs...

Veritas Plane

Swoosh, Drill & Chop at Hand Tool Olympics 2013

Last week I wrote about three of the six events at the Hand Tool Olympics (HTO), the winners in 2012 and the prizes and contributing companies for the upcoming events at Woodworking in America 2013 (Oct. 18-20). This entry covers the remaining three events – one with a little twist. “Shooting Sports” is the...

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Cut Rabbets by Hand

Even if I have an entire shop filled with power equipment, I like to cut my rabbets by hand. Why? It’s fast and fun. Once you master a rabbet plane or a moving fillister plane, your router table and table saw will get a lot less use. To push you along this path, I...