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Patrick Edwards Knows Woodworking

I’ve known about W. Patrick Edwards and his Old Brown Glue for some time. I’ve read his blogs (click here) and been fascinated by his work. But I didn’t realize how much Patrick knows about woodworking. Until, that is, I watched a free video of Graham Blackburn’s Woodworking in Action hosted on Popular Woodworking’s “Shop...


Graham Blackburn Steps in for Ailing David Charlesworth

Graham Blackburn has joined the list of expert woodworkers instructing at this year’s Woodworking in America Conference (Sept. 30-Oct. 2 at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center). He has kindly agreed to step in at the last minute for David Charlesworth, who, we’re sorry to announce, has been hospitalized for pneumonia. In addition to teaching...


The Case for Handsaws

Why you should learn to sharpen and use these oft-neglected tools. By Graham Blackburn Pages: 60-65 From the August 2004 issue #142 Buy this issue now Far from being quaint anachronisms or symbols of outdated and inefficient technology, handsaws are precision instruments that deserve a place in every contemporary workshop. There are several reasons...