Google Sketchup

SketchUp models of the furniture in the book will be available on the companion CD

SketchUp and Southern Furniture Book

As we get closer to sending our forthcoming book about furniture from the MESDA collection to the printer, I thought it might be interesting to take you inside the sausage factory. The book consists mostly of measured drawings of 27 “less than formal” pieces of furniture made in the southern United States between 1650...

port table

Portuguese Folding Table – SketchUp Model

Project design and construction by  Ajax Alexandre. Editor’s Note: In the October 2011 issue (# 192), there were errors in the SketchUp model, cut list and illustrations for the Portuguese Folding Table.  The table has four arms, not two (as was stated in the article cut list). In addition, correct dimensions are called out...


I Can Do That: Small Bench – SketchUp Model

This is a model of a small bench that was the “I Can Do That” project in the October 2011 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. Project design and construction by Managing Editor Megan Fitzpatrick.   View the Google SketchUp Model. View all of the Woodworking SketchUp Models. Purchase the October 2011 issue of Popular...


Nesting Components in SketchUp, It Works Both Ways

One of the secrets of working effectively in SketchUp is keeping control of all the bits and pieces in your model. The more they look (and act) like individual hunks of wood, the closer modeling is to playing around in the shop. My thinking is that every object that would be an individual piece...


SketchUp Class in Atlanta, July 15-17

I will be at the Atlanta Woodcraft store teaching a three-day weekend class on using SketchUp, Friday July 15 through Sunday July 18. There are a couple of seats available if you want to join me in learning how to use the software that we use here at Popular Woodworking Magazine for planning our...


Glen Huey Spice Box SketchUp Model

This is a SketchUp model of a spice box, built by Glen Huey for the August 2011 issue. View the Google SketchUp Model. View all of the Woodworking SketchUp Models. Purchase the August 2011 issue of Popular Woodworking. Purchase Sketchup products from Shop Woodworking.