George R. Walker


Design Matters: Why Design?

Developing your skills is a journey of discovery.By George R. Walker Pages: 20-22From the December 2011 issue #194 Buy the issue nowMy brother and I gazed at a sunset from a rocky perch high atop Boulder Pass in Glacier National Park. A ball of orange slipped behind the jagged peaks way out there somewhere toward...


Design Matters: Curve Appeal

Getting off the straight path can be liberating.By George R. Walker Pages: 22-23From the October 2011 issue #192 Buy this issue nowI can see it with my eyes shut: a curving stretch of highway snaking past Otter Cliffs in Acadia National Park. Each twist in the road opens up a jaw-dropping vista of...


Design Matters: Color Value

Contrast can be used to tell a visual tale.By George R. Walker Pages: 20-21Every season writes its own story in color. Winter has its stark contrast between snow-covered fields and crisp cobalt skies. Spring gushes neon green underfoot while the treetops sprout pastel oinks and reds from the end of every twig. Summer is a...