February 2008

Online Extras: February 2008 Issue

Online Extras for the February 2008 issue include step-by-step instructions on cutting through and half-blind dovetails, a SketchUp file of the drawings of the Chimney Cupboard, instructions on cutting hinge mortises by hand, a PDF document showing the use of Glen-Drake tools, Marc Adams safety rules for using the jointer, and more.


Out of the Woodwork: Don’t Fiddle With Success

In some professions, innovation can sink you. By Alan Coggins Page: 96 From the February 2008 issue #167 Buy this issue now Working from home, I get to hear a lot of radio talk shows and I am invariably frustrated when the day’s guest is a small-business expert giving out advice on how to...


Flexner on Finishing: Finish Compatibility

Discover what finishing products work well together. By Bob Flexner Pages: 92-93 From the February 2008 issue #167 Buy this issue now I’m sure you’ve come across cautions in woodworking books and magazines instructing you to “use a compatible product” – stain, filler, glaze, finish – and you’ve wondered, “What is compatible, and what...


At the Lathe: Lathe Tool Holder

Convenient tool storage for efficient turning. By Judy Ditmer Pages: 84-85 From the February 2008 issue #167 Buy this issue now Like many people, when I began turning, my biggest concern was trying to understand and remember the many things I had to do all at once just to achieve the most basic results....


Jig Journal: Sliding-head Scratch Stock

Two fences allow you to position the cutter and keep the bead’s quirk in line. By Geoffrey Ames Pages: 82-83 From the February 2008 issue #167 Buy this issue now If you have ever attempted to scratch a profile onto a chair leg or other curved piece, you probably noted that a scratch tool...


Perfect Patching

A long-time carpenter shares a repair trick to hide the mistakes made by ham-handed apprentices. By Carl Bilderback Pages: 76-79 From the February 2008 issue #167 Buy this issue now For more than 30 years I was a traveling carpenter foreman in charge of installation of top-quality architectural woodwork and cabinetry. My job assignments...


Understand Honing Guides

Honing guides are not a one-size-fits-all affair. We examine the weaknesses and strengths of four popular models. By Christopher Schwarz Pages: 70-74 From the February 2008 issue #167 Buy this issue now With the exception of your two hands, there is no such thing as the perfect honing guide for every shape and size...